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soldering small SMD parts

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by jw, Jun 22, 2004.

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  1. jw

    jw Guest


    I just was able to solder an miniature 8 pin SMD part and I thought it would
    be useful info to someone who's trying to do the same - it's hard to do.

    The pads are 0.5mm apart and 0.2mm wide. I had to design the part outline
    myself for the PCB then I had it produced by a service.

    First I went and bought a soldering iron tip that went to a 0.25mm tip.

    I also got some silver solder but I doubt this is necessary.

    Then I glued the part onto the board with rubber glue, just enough and no

    I hold the board in a small plastic vice grip underneath a magnifying stand.
    Also I'm wearing 2X plastic eyeglasses looking thru the magnifyer.

    Then I slathered the pins with the goopy rosin.

    Then melt just a pinch of solder on the tip and apply the tip to the pins
    for a sec.

    Then remove all the solder you can using a copper wick with the goopy rosin
    on it.

    Then completely remove ALL the solder from the tip and worry off the rest of
    the extra solder on the pins using both broad horizontal movements with the
    length of the tip, and then using the point to go inbetween the pins when

    Then I have a 15X photography magnifier to examine the part to be sure there
    are no shorts.

    -voila, jw
  2. Gordon Youd

    Gordon Youd Guest

    Hold the part down to the board, brush some liquid flux onto the pins, wet
    the iron with solder and run it down the row of pins.

    The solder will "wick" into place under each pin. much easier!!!

    Regards, Gordon.
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