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soldering on a connector, and then getting the top on.

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by micky, Mar 1, 2013.

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  1. micky

    micky Guest

    soldering on a connector, and then getting the top on.

    The tv amp required soldering a 1/8" jack on one set of wires and a
    1/8" plug on another.

    I usually have trouble with this, because both the tip and the ring
    have connection points just barely inside the circumference of the
    cover. If I put the wire through the little holes in each connector,
    the solder plus the wire make a bump that interferes with screwing the
    cover on.

    I've been putting the wire through from the outside, so the amount of
    wire outside is limited.

    Or maybe I should ignore the little holes and just rest the wire on
    the connection points to solder it. I hope t hese last two
    paragraphs are clear.

    How do you all solder small plugs so the solder and wire doesn't
    interfere with the plug's cover?
  2. Leif Neland

    Leif Neland Guest

    micky formulerede Friday:
    I think the reason for the hole is not to put the wire through, but to
    minimize the heat transfer from the flap to the jack.

    I don't use the hole in the ring-connector.
    Actually, I call the connectors tip, ring and sleve, then sleve also
    having the longest connector, which is also compressed around the

  3. micky

    micky Guest

    Well, all 3 of you agree. I wish I'd asked this quesion 40 years ago,
    but I had no one to ask. (AIUI back in those days, ran on the USPS mail and it took much longer to
    have a discussion. It really took a long time when people from more
    than one country were invovled. And postage charges -- especially
    international mail to and from Denmark and the Netherlands -- were
    substantial if there were 50 or more on the mailing list. Plus I
    didn't know about it it then.) .

    But if things go right, I have 2 or 3 decades to use what I just
    learned. Thanks.
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