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Soldering iron question

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Genome, Jan 18, 2004.

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  1. Genome

    Genome Guest

    Amazing scenario.

    If you work for a company, probably ISO9XXXXXXX registered, you will not
    have access to a damp sponge.

    If you have a damp sponge then you will have to provide your own means of
    supplying the dampness too it. Once you have supplied the means of applying
    the dampness, AKA.... empty wash up liquid bottle, brung in from home,
    filled from the toilet sinks, others will borrow it.

    Having inherited your sponge, to which you have to apply the dampness, take
    good care of your sponge.

    If your sponge wears out, if you have inherited it it will be worn out
    already, you will be subjected to the IS09XXXXXXXX requirements for access
    to another sponge according to accepted practice for purchase or spending

    1) Search through multiple catalogs for sources of sponge.
    2) Get quotes
    3) Find notebook(?) with bit of worn out carbon copy paper that no-one told
    you about in the first place.
    4) Guess at format required to fill out said book.
    5) Fill out request.
    6) Take to manager for signing.
    7) Get asked about quotes.
    8) Deliver qoutes.
    9) Get signature.
    10) Go to accounts.
    11) Get asked about quotes.
    12) Deliver quotes.
    13) Get countersignature from accounts manager.
    14) Go to purchasing.
    15) Ask purchasing for order book.
    16) Help purchasing find the order book.
    16) Get order number from purchasing.
    17) Ask purchasing how to fill out order book.
    18) Fill out order book.
    19) Wait for sponge to arrive.

    20) Share out sponge amongst non-subversives.

  2. LOL
  3. Ross Mac

    Ross Mac Guest

    The joys of working for a large company!
    Sometimes you wonder what the quality people are thinking of when they put
    these ISO quality systems together....
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