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Soldering eyeglass Frames

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Jan 20, 2008.

  1. There are too many factors to be able to argue the point. For instance, if
    the lens is small, and it's a bifocal prescription, trimming it might remove
    too much of one of the focal "zones". It all depends....
  2. Jeff

    Jeff Guest

    Not sure where the OP is, but I'd hit one of the flea markets that cater
    to blacks. All of them have a row a Korean selling gold and most of
    them will do jewelry repairs on the cheap. Cheaper than investing in a
    torch and high strength solder (or learning to braze).

  3. Guest

    I have a pair of glasses for the computer that I periodically
    re-solder. I couldn't get a successful join until I took an onld
    barss track connector from an HO railroad set, and made it into a
    sleeve, and soldered the ends into that. The same could be done with a
    half inch of small brass hobby tubing. Looks like crap, but you
    can't see me through my screen (yet).
  4. aemeijers

    aemeijers Guest

    Been there, Tried that. Lotsa luck finding new frames where the lens
    holes are the same shape and size. Now that Stylists design frames
    instead of Engineers, and they change them pretty much constantly, the
    chances of a plug-in replacement are slim at best. Unless you can find a
    local lab that is willing to whittle the old lenses to fit (which would
    probably cost more than new lenses), this is probably not a plausible

    aem sends...
  5. imascot

    imascot Guest

    This fellow uses silver solder to repair glasses. Not to be a shill for him, but we used him for DH's
    glasses, and he did a fine job.

  6. Ivan Vegvary

    Ivan Vegvary Guest

    That's a horrible story but probably very typical. I've always suspected
    that most glasses purchases are a rip-off. I can't see more than a few
    dollars worth of materials and labor in a pair of frames.
    Fortunately, I need only reading glasses and have never paid more than 3
    pairs for $19.95! Other family members need prescription lenses and get
    screwed on price all the time.

    Ivan Vegvary

  7. What business are you in? How do you make a living?
  8. Pete C.

    Pete C. Guest

    The How it's Made series that runs on the Discovery Channel had an
    episode showing the manufacture of eyeglass frames, as well as an
    episode showing the lens manufacture. There is a bit more involved than
    you probably think, and on the lens side there is some very expensive
    specialized equipment involved.
    I'm pretty happy with my contacts.
  9. Guest

    Many thanks for excellent replies. My plan is to try to get stainless
    solder and then try a jeweler. THere is a place on Queens Blvd which
    says "watch repair & shoe repair"

    If I get sep read/walk glasses, Zenni is as low as $9. I got the
    eyeglasses which broke in 2003 for $30 and that "factory outlet" now
    costs $40. They must be cast iron because they hurt and I tried to
    bend them in church when they broke. I used to be good at bending. I
    really don't care if the temple looks different.

    - = -
    Vasos Panagiotopoulos, Columbia'81+, Reagan, Mozart, Pindus, BioStrategist
    ---{Nothing herein constitutes advice. Everything fully disclaimed.}---
    [Homeland Security means private firearms not lazy obstructive guards]
    [Urb sprawl confounds terror] [Remorse begets zeal] [Windows is for Bimbos]
  10. Marsha

    Marsha Guest

    ..>>When my mother's frames broke, the first shop we went to said they
    I understand that it's not easy to fit frames on lenses, but just the
    fact that they said they didn't have frames to fit, without even
    looking, and then miraculously finding them AFTER we said we going
    elsewhere was a little suspicious to me.

  11. Yep. Get them mailed here from offshore places like where they do a first-class job.

    You're a sucker to pay the hometown optician racket any more.
  12. Huh. I never pay more than $1/each at the dollar store.
  13. John Keiser

    John Keiser Guest

    When the thin tubual metal temples broke on my [Zenni Optical] glasses,
    squeezed the ends into a short length of insulation from 12 gauge wire.
    Worked well for many months and didn't look too bad. Eventually Zenni sent
    a replacement.
  14. PaPaPeng

    PaPaPeng Guest

    On Sun, 20 Jan 2008 02:21:31 +0000 (UTC),
    The only time I did it successfully was with an acetylene-air torch
    and silver solder it. It needs to be heated red hot, the borax flux
    melts. A touch of silver solder instantly melts and wicks into the
    heated metal frame.
  15. PaPaPeng

    PaPaPeng Guest

    The Dollar Store reading glasses have excellent eyeglass frames.
    Marginally better ones (as in looks) can be got at the pharmacists for
    $10 or less.

  16. Looks interesting, but do they do a perfect job with wacky prescriptions,
    like bifocals with extreme astigmatism?
  17. John Smith

    John Smith Guest


    I was truly unaware such existed. Where are these people located? Have
    you done satisfactory business with them? The product is good?

    As I type this, with my ~$600.00 glasses, I am beginning to wish I'd
    known about this sooner!


  18. Me, too. But, I've got an odd prescription (very nearsighted, bad
    astigmatism, bifocals). A few years back, I tried to save some money. Pearl,
    LensCrafters and Wal-Mart completely phuqued up the prescription, but all
    said "We followed the numbers provided by the doctor". Well, not really.
    Back to the usual expensive optician, who did a perfect job, as usual.

    Fortunately, this little experiment cost me nothing but wasted time.
  19. John Smith

    John Smith Guest


    I am sure you realize that did NOT actually answer the questions I
    posed. Mainly why I asked, when I do business with off-shore
    associates, I get a mastercard debit card, place an appropriate sum on
    the card and handle it that way ...

    Could you expand on what I previously asked, it would be greatly

    Such as, you have a pair of these glasses which you find acceptable? I
    do take your previous text as an affirmative, but would like concrete
    confirmation--I know the money is small, which is at risk, still I don't
    like being "stiffed."


  20. Sorry if I went off on a bit of a tangent. I can't speak to the quality of
    the offshore product, obviously. In fact, they might actually do a great job
    with odd prescriptions, and finding out is a pretty cheap gamble.

    In order to get a perfect answer to your question, you will need to compare
    your prescription with those of other people who've used the service. Good
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