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Soldering a Broken TV

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Oct 29, 2006.

  1. Guest

    Thanks to those of you that actually had helpful things to say.

    I let the TV sit for 48 hours, cracked it open, and went in with the
    soldering iron. Now all is well.

    Responses like "Don't even try, you suck, you don't have the skills."
    aren't helpful in teaching others new things. People aren't born with
    these skills and neither were you. Offer some constructive advice to
    help people to learn rather than put them down.
  2. Bob Shuman

    Bob Shuman Guest

    Good for you. Congratulations on the repair.
  3. Guest

    Always best to discharge! you can use a simple flathead screwdriver
    with an alligator clip. Clip it to the screwdriver and clip it to DAG
    Ground... it will be a braid of wire attached to the CRT tube slide
    flathead screw driver in under the anode cap that runs to the flyback
    transformer. It will look like a large suction cup attached to the
    picture tube.. You will hear a 'pop' as the HV discharges. Then it will
    be ready to pull that board. I would still be leary of the filter caps
  4. OK. Here is constructive advice. Learn the way I did - take a 5 year
    apprenticeship and pass the required exams to become qualified.
  5. Guest

    Some offered advice intended to avoid risk of death or injury to
    yourself. Maybe it wasnt put the best way. Some of us have learnt the
    painful way. Some are lucky to be alive today. Some have learnt the
    hard way, and they cant give you the benefit of their experience any

    Sitting it for 2 days does not ensure discharge and does not mke it
    safe to work on, I've drawn nice energetic sparks off a tv after a
    week. Dischargng is easy to do.

  6. Sorry, that's not constructive advice in this context.

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  7. Ken G.

    Ken G. Guest

    Glad you got it fixed .. see that was easy .

    The people who did not give a decent answer do not know the answer so
    now they learn too .
  8. Sure it was. Some people are capable. Some are not. I've spent too much time
    cleaning up after those who are not. One lucky break doesn't change my
  9. These little homilies don't do a thing.

    The poster declared that he knew about electronics and soldering,
    yet he neither knew how to discharge the CRT, or had the means of
    looking it up.

    That does not indicate someone who is well versed in electronics.

    Now the interesting thing is that if he'd not put in that bit,
    he might not have gotten the answers he did. Boastfulness often
    doesn't result in help, it certainly doesn't result in sympathy.

    And ultimately the boast didn't do a thing, because whether or
    not he did know anything, he didn't know the bit he did need to know
    (by his own acknowledgement, after all, he was asking how to discharge
    the CRT). He couldn't have done any worse by not putting that bit

    All of this is reinforced when he comes back and thanks the people
    he helped, and denounces those who didn't. That's part of the process.

    It's not as if this hasn't happened before, by many other posters.

  10. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Or just jump in and start working on things like I did, with the
    internet, who needs to waste 5 years taking a course?
  11. Guest

    This is not safe.

    1. Alligator clips come off very readily, and screwdrivers dont
    insulate to 25kV. There is also the q of what the clip is touching
    after its come off, it may be your metal trouser fly. :)
    2. The OP may think you mean the braid that connects to the tube base
    pcb, and aquadag braid to chassis is prone to coming disocnnected in
    some set designs, so again this may fail at times.
    3. Finally a single zap does not discharge the CRT, it typically takes
    3 goes.
    4. And lastly, reservoir caps must be discharged too. They are a good
    deal more dangerous than CRT EHT, which is usualy not fatal and is more
    or less insulated. Reservoirs OTOH are kill capable, and conductive
    paths route their energy to who knows where on the board. And typically
    a repair will involve handling the main board - often with both hands,
    which is where the danger comes in. A cap full of 330v across the 2
    hands is not something to volunteer for.

    Maybe the OP should read up on Darwin Awards.

  12. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    It may not be "safe" but I've been doing it that way for 15 years and
    never had a problem with it. Screwdriver with a wire wrapped around it
    connected to the dag strap. Most of the other caps discharge themselves
    but I stick a screwdriver across the big ones just to make sure.
  13. What waste? I put myself through college working at my trades - no student
    loans needed.

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  14. The very old TV sets had nasty AC powered EHT systems that could kill. The
    only way the flyback can kill is if you are holding a gun in your mouth with
    one hand while you play with the TV with the other.

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  15. Guest

    1930s, yes. What are the odds of the OP's set being that old though?
    The era of mirror-top sets and red EHT current limiting bulbs.

    or the shock resulted in breaking the tube. Or in a recoiling hand
    coming into contact with a charged reservoir cap. Or a live chassis on
    an older set. Or the person had a weak heart and didnt know it. Etc.
    Theres no point being silly about these things when it takes 30 seconds
    to discharge EHT.

  16. Meat Plow

    Meat Plow Guest

    Some of those old Muntz tv sets were killers.
  17. Indubitably, but a TV doesn't scare me a tiny bit in comparison with a
    microwave -- or an 11 kV street line.

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