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Solder balls for reballing a BGA

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by [email protected], Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. Guest

    I need to reball some BGAs with Pb37/Sn63 solder balls. I need
    about 10,000 balls. Does anyone know where I can buy them? I
    found a few places selling lead-free solder balls, and a few places
    that sell solder balls by the millions, and several manufacturers
    that don't sell direct. But I can't find anyplace to buy a small
    qty (~10k) of PbSn solder balls. Thanks for any info.

    Some of the BGAs are 1mm pitch, but most are 0.5mm. So
    I need two sizes of balls.

    Btw, I have never actually reballed a BGA before, so if anyone
    has any pointers about good techniques, let me know. I am
    going to practice on the cheaper chips till I figure out what
    I am doing.

  2. Tony Burch

    Tony Burch Guest

    This place sells reballing kits

    I have not personally used them.

    Kit Contents:
    Vial of 50,000 Solder Balls.
    Choice of 20 mil, 25 mil or 30 mil solder spheres.
    Choice of Sn63/Pb37 or Sn10/Pb90 solder alloy.
    1 standard stencil (component specific).

    Hope that helps.

    Low Cost Soldering Techniques Video Guide
  3. Bob

    Bob Guest

    Thanks for the info. But it really didn't help me because they
    don't sell the 12mil balls that I need. They also don't list any
    prices, or apparently, any way to actually order their products.
    I often wonder how companies like this stay in business.

    Anyway, I ended up buying the solder balls I needed from
    I paid about $80 for 20,000 12mil 63Sn37Pb solder balls.
  4. Olaf P

    Olaf P Guest

    ebay will help you:*

    some videos of bga reballing:

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