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Solartron Schlumberger 7150 plus DMM manuals

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by David C. Partridge, Nov 21, 2005.

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  1. Anyone have these in scanned form or know where I can get them? I am
    prepared to pay a reasonable amount if necessary. I'm immediately looking
    for the User Manual, but a Service and Calibration Manual would be pretty
    useful as well.
  2. Joerg Hau

    Joerg Hau Guest

    This seems to be a pretty frequent question ;-)

    A while ago some very friendly soul from the UK sent me the User Manual for
    both the 7150 and the 7150plus as scanned images on CD ... and in the
    meantime I have converted these to PDF.
    I can send you said CD free of charge (you pay just the shipping cost), but
    there is also the possibility to make the PDF available. My only condition
    is that if you re-distribute it, do it under the same condition: free of

    Since these are prepared from high-resolution scans, expect a download of
    60+ MB per manual.
    The calibration (you will need GPIB) is described in the User Manual. But
    indeed, if someone has the Service/Maintenance manual for the 7150 to
    share, please let me know ;-)

    (If you are looking to control the 7150 via GPIB, I have some code on my

    Cheers + HTH,

    - Joerg
  3. Joerg,

    Is there a location I can download them from? I have a fast ADSL link, so
    60+MB won't be a problem.

    If not, what would the postage cost to UK (and how to pay it)? Do you take

    Many thanks
  4. Joerg Hau

    Joerg Hau Guest

    Hi David,

    You'll have mail this evening ;-)

    Cheers + HTH,

    - Joerg
  5. dave_f

    dave_f Guest

    Joerg, David
    I too am interested in obtaining the manuals. Would one of you guy
    please send me a copy and I would be happy to pay for postage/medi
    costs, (I can pay using paypal or send a cheque). I am in the UK

    I am a student and have bought the DMM second hand. I have a projec
    which involves contolling the DMM via LabVIEW using a GPIB card in

    Perhaps you have similar interests and would like to compare work

    I am looking for a driver that I can use with LabVIEW. Any ideas

    I can only find a driver for the '7151' on the Nation Instrument
    site. Do you know if this will work

  6. Joerg Hau

    Joerg Hau Guest

    Hi Dave,
    Please contact me via PM - I cannot decipher your e-mail address ;-)
    I can't help you there since I do not use LabView ... I control my 7150
    using an old but Linux-based PC (equipped with an even older HP82335 card,
    but it works like a charm ;-)

    Programming GPIB under Linux is straightforward; a piece of software that
    allows you to control the 7150 and get pseudo-real-time plots via gnuplot
    is on my website.

    Cheers + HTH,

    - Joerg
  7. dave_f

    dave_f Guest

    ["Please contact me via PM - I cannot decipher your e-mail address"

    OK I will do. But here is my email also:

    ["Programming GPIB under Linux is straightforward; a piece of softwar
    that allows you to control the 7150 and get pseudo-real-time plots vi
    gnuplot is on my website"

    I have checked your website and it looks good. Perhaps I will try thi
    also when I have got used to programming

    Many thanks. :
  8. Guest


    We have seen u r post on google groups. We are urgently in need of the
    user and service manuals for 7150Plus DMM. Can u please make it
    available for us too. We are from India and dont worry about the size
    of the file.
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