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Solartron 7150 Manual needed.

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by njkenworthy, Oct 27, 2004.

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  1. njkenworthy

    njkenworthy Guest

    Looking for an E-copy of a Solartron 7150 manual OR a clue as to why the
    unit is only responding to the keypad in columns as opposed to as it should
    as a matrix. ie keypad is 3col x 4row matrix but only 3 functions available,
    all keys in one column produce same reult.
    All functions available via GPIB and all scales/ranges in good order.
  2. Joerg Hau

    Joerg Hau Guest

    The User's Manual does not say anything about such a state ... in
    other words, this is not "expected behaviour". If the 7150 is _not_
    in local lockout state, every single key (mode/range settings etc)
    should react as you expect them to do.

    Just to be sure: did you disconnect it from the GPIB bus? You did not
    accidently - via GPIB - send it into calibration mode (where it would
    no longer react to the front keys either)?

    Cheers + HTH,

    - Joerg
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