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SolarPanel > LiPoBallancer/Charger > LiPoBattery > LEDs

Discussion in 'Power Electronics' started by solarSteve, Mar 19, 2015.

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  1. solarSteve


    Mar 11, 2015
    First Post Ever.

    I'm putting lights on my 2-stroke motocross bike because it's now my only option for transportation. I'm from "out in the sticks," but I go to college.

    I have some batteries (one is a set of NiCd 900mah AA 6.0V) the other two are undetermined but AAA).
    I have some solar panels
    I have some ICs that I don't understand :`(.

    This shouldn't be complicated.

    My idea is: Solar panels (in parallel?) >> voltage regulator >> ballancer/charger >> battery >> switches >> LEDs.

    Can anyone pass me a hint?
    to be honest, my noobiness just purchased one of these as a make-shift headlight for the time being (It's solar-powered).
    I'd like to by-pass the motion-sensor, add batteries, and rig in the rest of the lights. Is that crazy? I notice the LEDs on this don't seem very strong. Do I have to worry much about LED compatibility (getting the exact same type)?[​IMG]

    I was thinking of buying one of these. It's actually FOR a motorcycle; it has 4 amber, 8 red, 4 amber (that's blinkers and a break-light). But the wiring isn't dummy-proof it seems and I can never find the right datasheets online.

    This is all to avoid buying a stator coil ($250) and for the advancement of my own personal knowledge.
    Sincere gratitude to anyone who care to share positively.
    To all the pessimists (I have encountered before on YA). I'm going to attempt this regardless because.. I guess I'm stubborn.
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