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Solar power water pump.

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by TrailRat, Aug 21, 2004.

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  1. TrailRat

    TrailRat Guest

    I wish to build a solar powered water pump. I have in my junk pile a
    working 12volt twin shaft motor onto which I will add the pumps,
    modified from those you can get as a drill attachment. This will be
    connected to a battery, like those from a motorbike (small and
    compact). This is so I can make it portable, because where I plan to
    use it is lacking in electricty. Now my only concern is he draining of
    the battery before the job is completed, so I plan to add a solar
    panel to charge the battery while its at rest or in use. Do I need any
    circuitry, if so what and where can I find plans or products.

    Thanks for any help given.

  2. Tom Biasi

    Tom Biasi Guest

    We need some specs first. How much current will the motor draw under load?
    What size battery will you have?
    The solar panel needs a power output that can charge the battery in your
    required time, and of course provide the proper voltage.
    The 'portable' aspect of you setup may suffer a little when the panels start
    to get large.

    BTW: Those drill attachment pumps are not designed for drinking water just
    in case you had that in mind.
  3. andy

    andy Guest

    I saw a neat one at the centre for alternative technology in wales (uk) -
    it had a couple of large capacitors which stored just enough energy to
    drive one stroke of the pump, so that if the sun was low it would sit
    there accumulating charge, then do a single stroke, then go back to
    waiting. So you could ask them how they built it maybe? (
    It was a push-pull type pump though, not a rotary one.
  4. Kim

    Kim Guest

    I was at Wal-Mart the other day, and noticed several different sized solar
    panels used to charge car batteries. They were sealed, water, and impact
    proof in a frame, and varied in size form about 12 inches by 4 inches, to
    about 12 inches by 12 inches. They seemed VERY RUGGED, and were VERY CHEAP,
    the most expensive being around $30.00. They also had a led, that turned on
    when charging. I really don't know if this will fit the bill, as they seem
    to be for Long-Term trickle charging, so someone else more skilled here will
    have to tell you if they will be useful for you.
    I use one of the smaller panels to trickle charge a small motorcycle
    battery between uses on a hovercraft that I own. For that, it keeps the
    battery fresh, and ready to use ALL THE TIME.

  5. TrailRat

    TrailRat Guest

    BTW: Those drill attachment pumps are not designed for drinking water just

    Not moving potable water, just filling water tanks at an allotment.
    Lot easier than a bucket. Will get specs later as my junk has buried
    the motor again. But I know it's there. :eek:)

  6. TrailRat

    TrailRat Guest

    Right heres the specs I know that comes off the motor housing. It was
    made in the UK by a company called Smiths Industries. It has a code on
    it which is marked as "Code FHM 582/109" And it runs from 12 Volts.
    Thats all I can tell you. When I find more I'll let you know. The
    battery will be a standard motorbike battery, if that tells you

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