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Solar panel

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Vince, Oct 2, 2005.

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  1. Vince

    Vince Guest


    I have a solar panel which generates a max of 2W out.

    Would it be possible to trickle chargle batteries of a higher voltage?

    I have a high voltage battery (12VDC...ok not that high) running many
    smaller low voltage LED's. As the LED's dont use much energy, Im assuming
    that a small solar panel can put back what the LED's took out.

    If this is possible, do I need any extra's to hook it up besides a diode?
    Also, does voltage or current play a role in my answer?
  2. Yes Vincent
    The voltage output is very important and your question cannot be answered
    without clairvoyance ;_)
    You will have to find out the voltage (output by the panel) by measurement
    or a nameplate etc.
    To charge the 12v battery it would want to be at least 14v output.
  3. outer_space

    outer_space Guest

    That violates the conservation of energy principle, you can't run LEDs
    off a battery and recharge that battery with a solar panel powered by
    the LEDs. LEDs are at most 40% efficient at converting power to light,
    solar panels are %20 (not sure) and you lose even more power in the
    battery. An LED array takes a lot of power more than just several
  4. BobG

    BobG Guest

    Would it be possible to trickle chargle batteries of a higher voltage?
    There are very efficient (80 to 90%!) dc to dc converters that accept
    input volts over a 4:1 range 9 to 36 volts. A 12V solar panel is
    typically 21V and 0 ma or 0V at 320ma or somewhere in between like
    12v and 160ma. or 14V and 130ma (about 2 watts). Check out electronics
    places like Jameco, Digikey to look for dc to dc converters and power
  5. ehsjr

    ehsjr Guest

    Yes. A boost converter can increase the voltage. What voltage does
    your solar panel produce?

    It depends on how much current the LEDs use. "Many" LEDs could mean
    5 or 500 or ?? If the LEDs take out less than 2 watts and the panel
    produces 2 watts then (ignoring losses) your panel can put back in
    what the LEDs took out.
    Yes and yes. You'll need a DC-DC converter to raise the voltage
    to the voltage needed for trickle charge - and you need to know
    how much current the LEDs use to decide whether the project is

  6. BobG

    BobG Guest

    Nobody metioned power yet. Red blue and green leds have diff
    voltages... but .02amps and 3v will run one...thats .06watts, so a
    2watt panel will run 33 leds.
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