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Solar Panel Regulator

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by BeeJ, Nov 26, 2011.

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  1. BeeJ

    BeeJ Guest

    Have several solar panels that I want to most efficiently parallel and
    regulate down to the following dc voltages/currents:
    Panel output is 18VDC min full sun.

    1) Output to charge a 12VDC car battery with overcharge protection
    and trickle / float charging capability.
    2) 12 V 10 Amps regulate +/- 0.5v
    3) 9 V 5 Amps regulate +/- 0.5v
    4) 5 V 5 Amps regulate as USB output power to USB devices for

    Prefer that the outputs are off if the panels are not supplying
    sufficient output.

    Assume the panels produce the required current.

    I would rather buy very efficient regulators and not do any design or
    PWB build work.

    Looking for the least expensive and most efficient regulator solution.

    Open to other options.
  2. ehsjr

    ehsjr Guest

    You said "Assume the panels produce the required current."

    No. Tell us what the panels can deliver. It's not worth
    discussing without that information, nor worth recommending
    even one power supply design only to have the "client" - in
    this case you - discover that the whole project was just a
    pipe dream and a waste of time. If it's not we can go

  3. BeeJ

    BeeJ Guest


    I gave you the output specs.
    I can add panels until there is sufficient current.
  4. BeeJ

    BeeJ Guest

    Bill Bowden has brought this to us :
    Battery charging is 2 or 5 amps.

    Panels put out 21 vdc max no load.

    Want max efficiency.

    Looking for cheap commercial modules to wire or solder together.
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