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Solar Cells and Solar Angle studies 50 years ago

Discussion in 'Photovoltaics' started by Joe Fischer, Aug 18, 2003.

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  1. Joe Fischer

    Joe Fischer Guest

    From the Transactions of the American Society of Heating
    and Air-Conditioning Engineers, 1955

    Page 199

    Note that the text seems to infer that no silicon
    solar cells were in production at the time;

    Also the statement about the equivalent of
    800 _tons_ of coal per acre is astounding, and shows
    the real promise of solar energy.
    Depending on cost, even a 10 percent efficiency
    PV cell would produce a lot of energy with even ten
    percent property coverage for the average home.

    I live on about one-quarter acre, so about
    200 tons would be at least 20 times the energy
    I use for heating, cooking and electric.

    It seems solar cells for use in orbit do
    not have the same requirements as an ideal cell
    for use on Earth provided a lower efficiency cell
    can be made a lot cheaper.

    Figure 1

    Fig. 1 shows that incident radiation of the sun
    and sky is much greater in _SUMMER_ on a HORIZONTAL surface.

    Figure 2

    Fig. 2 shows that incident radiation is much
    greater on a Vertical surface in winter months,
    especially at 30 to 50 degrees latitudes.
    This is not ideal for all cases, but it is
    perfect for space heating with passive solar thermal.

    Figure 3

    Fig. 3 shows the ratio of a vertical surface
    to a horizontal surface received energy.
    During the cold months the vertical surface
    receives as much or more than the horizontal surface.

    Joe Fischer
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