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Solar Attic Ventilation in Florida

Discussion in 'Photovoltaics' started by Dave Saxton, Jun 20, 2006.

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  1. Dave Saxton

    Dave Saxton Guest

    Hello. I live in central Florida and was looking for ways to help curb
    some of my high electric bills. I have switched over my lights to the
    energy efficient types and am looking for other ways to conserve. My
    A/C seems to run all of the time. I keep it set at 78-79 on most days.
    I was looking into the possibility of solar-powered attic fans to go
    into the gables in my roof. However, I read somewhere that this might
    not be the best thing to do because I would essentially be pulling
    more humidity into my attic and increasing the possibility of mold and
    other such issues. Does anyone have any information on this or maybe
    could offer some other insight? My next step is to find out more info
    about my hot water heater and I also have a pool pump that runs about
    8 hours a day. Any suggestions for those would be helpful as well.

    Go easy on me... I'm a newbie at being green :)

  2. Dave Saxton

    Dave Saxton Guest

    That seems pretty reasonable. We purchased this house in August 05. It
    was built in 1981, and the A/C unit is the original. There is a bunch
    of white insulation that covers the entire attic. It is loose, not the
    rolled out pink panther stuff I have seen at Home Depot. However,
    underneath the white stuff is the pink panther stuff. Does that make
    sense? I have 3 gable openings in the attic as well as an opening
    that goes along the very top of the roof at the peak. It's covered on
    the outside. I forget what kind of vent the home inspector called it.
    I also thought the ventilation was okay. The thickness of the pink and
    white insulation together is only about 6-8 inches, so that is
    probably where the problem is. The A/C tested okay and part of the
    contract was to have the unit inspected and serviced. I am wondering
    if it is time to get a newer, more efficient unit?

    Thanks for the input!
  3. If you have high temps during the day then a solar HWS would make sense,
    another area to do sums is the pool filter. If its a chlorinator which has
    to run 8hrs to make the chlorine check on wether its cheaper to buy liquid
    (or whatever) chlorine to add to the pool along with an anti fungal and cut
    back on the filter time. Our pool stays good in summer with 2hrs (1 hr
    morning and evening) by adding chemicals rather than using a chlorinator. We
    live in Perth West Australia which has the odd high ambient temps during
    summer ;-)
  4. Guest

    The guy at by far favors much
    smaller pumps with much longer run times. He claims that length of run
    improves water quality, and the smaller pump uses less energy overall, with
    less demand on filtration.

    We stopped conversing over misconceptions about head pressure, but I don't
    know about the rest. He claims to have some research on his side.
  5. Properly sized a/c unit is supposed to run almost continually during the
    hottest part of very hot days.If your unit is only running short cycles
    during the hottest part of the day it is oversized.An oversized a/c will
    lead to higher power bills and humidity problems.
    For example if you have a properly sized unit you can set the thermostat at
    78 and be comfortable because the a/c runs a large enough percentage of the
    time to control humidity.The longer the cycle of the a/c the more efficient
    it becomes.
    However with an oversized unit it will quickly drop the temperature in the
    house without removing much humidity.Consequently you may not "feel"
    comfortable at 78 and have to keep the house at say...72 or 70.
    Anewer more efficient unit will save much power,but be sure your service
    person does a heat load calculation to properly size this unit.As far as an
    a/c unit goes,bigger is not better.
  6. I did not say undersize it I said properly size it.A Properly sized unit
    does not take several days to recover.Neither does it short cycle.
    Running is not "hard" on a unit.Short cycling is.

    by the way..I KNOW what service techs are recommending.

    Plumbers, Pipefitters, and Service Technicians local 72
    card number 1465687
  7. the only bullshit is pouring out of you

    However, if you are like most people and like to save a little A/C
    If you open a window on a nice day there will be no problem.

    What's this about a system taking days to recover???

    I am sorry you hired the lowest bid hack a/c man who did not have a clue.

    I do not undersize systems.If it is 100 degrees outside..your a/c should be

    I have not told you any technobabble.If you think this is technobabble you
    really are clueless.

    You seem to think that a unit is either too big..or too small...never right.

    Obviously your guy undersized the unit and did everything he could to not
    have to fix it.I suggest reporting him to the BBB or Chamber of Commerce.

    That does not mean if the a/c guy recommend a 3 ton you tell him to put in a

    Be a reasonable human being and use your brain...not emotion to make
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