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Solar AA battery chargers?

Discussion in 'Photovoltaics' started by Neil W, Aug 2, 2006.

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  1. Neil W

    Neil W Guest

    I'd like to start off small with my solar experimenting. Can anyone
    recommend a good solar AA battery recharger? I have read a number of
    reviews about products that simply don't work. Can anyone recommend one out
    of first hand experience? Thanks.
  2. Randy

    Randy Guest

    I usually sneak out to my front yard when my wife is not looking and swap
    out the batteries from the malibu solar lights:)
    They charge quite nicely.
    (do it before dark though)
  3. Blue Cat

    Blue Cat Guest

    I don't even need a commercial recharger. Just set up a charging circuit
    with the charging current equal to one tenth the battery capacity. If the
    rechargeable cell is rated 1.5 amp-hours, charge it at 150 ma. Use the
    formula below:

    Series Resistor = (PV panel voltage - battery voltage)/(Charging current)

    The PV panel voltage is not the open circuit voltage, but the voltage at the
    charging current.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    What is the risk for the end-user? Simply being non-reliable?
    Or overheating/fire?
  5. SJC

    SJC Guest

    No first hand experience, but here they have some that do not cost much.
  6. ssupermatch

    ssupermatch Guest

    This is a good place to start above. I've gotten their charger. Takes about
    4 hours using this type in direct sunlight to do AA,AAA. C and D's take
    closer to 9 hours. But its just sit it in the window and forget about it
    till your ready to get a freshly charged one for your needs. Gotten another
    type its used to charge up Cell phones, and AAA. Charging up the AAA u can
    use them with the PV to use your cell phone even if the Cell phone battery
    is dead. It will charge up the Cell phone but I've never charged it up from
    a dead state, not sure how long it would take. I just kept it in the window
    with the other one.
  7. Landline

    Landline Guest

    From their website:
    "Charges at 160mA charge rate. If you used 2 AA 1600mA batteries, it would
    take 10 hours of sun"
    2500mA NiMh take in excess of 24 hours charging. Found the unit pretty
  8. ssupermatch

    ssupermatch Guest

    I'm sorry the link I used was the wrong one. The charger it showed me was
    differant from the one I bought. Yes its not as good as the one I bought.
    Check out the site there is another solar charger there. That should do
    better then that.
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