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[solar 60 kWh] electrolyse water to hydrogen

Discussion in 'Photovoltaics' started by Tim Pozza, Mar 6, 2004.

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  1. Tim Pozza

    Tim Pozza Guest

    I was reading somewhere that it would take about 1100 sq. feet of solar
    panels to product 60 kWh to electolyse water for a fuel cell.

    What would it cost to install something like that on my roof?

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  2. Steve Spence

    Steve Spence Guest

    60kWh / day? Assuming it's per day, and 6 hours of sun where you live (not
    likely, but it makes the math easier), That's a 10kw array at about $8 /
    watt installed, you are looking at $80k, not including the electrolyzer and
    compression equipment. Try batteries instead.

    Steve Spence
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  3. It would cost an infinite amount of money, as the cells you are
    looking at are made of "unobtainium".

    The A-300 will be available in production quantities in the second
    half of 2004 from SunPower's new manufacturing facility in the

    This time next year you'll be able to get pricing and availability
    numbers for panels made with those cells.

    As Steve Spence pointed out, with today's technologies it's a fair
    chunk of cash. I'd guess between $50 and $150K for installed cost,
    depending on a number of factors...
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