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Sola Constant Voltage Harmonic Neutralized Transformer - Buzzzzzz

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by T o d d P a t t i s t, Oct 19, 2005.

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  1. I've got a Sola Constant Voltage Harmonic Neutralized
    Transformer that I use as an isolation transformer when
    working on TVs. It's heavy enough that my grandfather put
    wheels on it and a pair of handles to move it around. The
    fact that granddad did it tells you something of its age.
    It's always hummed, but the hum now seems more like a roar.

    I know old transformers tend to delaminate, but is there
    anything that can be done to tone it down? When I switch it
    on, it tends to scare everyone in the room more than the
    open high voltage in the set under repair.
  2. Bob  AZ

    Bob AZ Guest

    Yes they do this.

    The cure is to remove the transformer part from the case and all, tape
    the leads together to enclose them and take it to a transfromer shop
    where they will encapulsate it with epoxy. Put it back together and it
    will be quiet as a mouse. Be sure to label/mark the leads when
    Bob AZ
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