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Software needed for measuring the power consumed by the computer

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Dashi, Mar 21, 2007.

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  1. Dashi

    Dashi Guest

    Does anybody knows software that measures the electric power consumed
    by the computer?
  2. contrex

    contrex Guest

    Are you serious? Why don't you just measure the AC current with an
  3. Bill Bowden

    Bill Bowden Guest

    That's difficult to do since the duty cycle is short and the peak
    currents are high. The line just feeds a couple rectifiers that only
    cunduct when the line voltage exceeds the filter cap voltage, which
    may be only a few degrees of the cycle. So, you get large current
    pulses and lots of dead time which ampmeters don't read very well.

  4. contrex

    contrex Guest

    Ok, then, how about a "trusty $30 Kill-A-Watt meter"?

    but -

    SW Technology measured a Dell Dimension 4600 at 190W using a "low-cost
    clamp-on ammeter"...

    So have the energystar gov people got it wrong?
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