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software for circuits

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by teranews, Feb 2, 2005.

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  1. teranews

    teranews Guest

    Are there any free/shareware or inexpensive (under $100) sofware packages
    that let you design circuits and analyze various values (V,I,R for instance)
    at points in the circuit? I'm trying to learn and something like this would
    be invaluable to understanding.

  2. Memo

    Memo Guest

    Hi teranews,

    I have used Circuit Maker the student version ('cause I'm a student) I
    find it useful and it works good. You can download it from their site:

  3. Clarence_A

    Clarence_A Guest

    "LTSpice" from is free!
  4. SuperSpice

    Kevin Aylward
    SuperSpice, a very affordable Mixed-Mode
    Windows Simulator with Schematic Capture,
    Waveform Display, FFT's and Filter Design.
  5. See my notes and links to some 60 ECAD programs at

    Quite a few of those have the sort of analysis facilities you want.
    (They are all based on a standard program called Spice.)

    I personally use CircuitMaker Pro, but that is above your price range.

    An excellent free program, highly recommended in these groups, and
    with easily-accessed support here and in online forums, look at LT
    SWCAD III (SwitcherCAD III). It can be downloaded from

    Terry Pinnell
    Hobbyist, West Sussex, UK
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