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SNR, dynamic range, which tone stand for noise?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by boki, Oct 16, 2003.

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  1. boki

    boki Guest

    Hi, All:

    I did a FFT for my data, and plot them in Matlab,

    I have one major tone(highest), and much noise tones(lower), if I want
    to know the S/N ratio (dynamic range?) in this figure directly, what
    should I do?

    Which tone of noise should I take into calculation?


  2. Bob Masta

    Bob Masta Guest

    You need to find the RMS noise, by squaring each
    of the individual noise components,
    adding all together, and taking the square root.
    Then divide this into the signal component to
    get S/N ratio.

    Bob Masta

    D A Q A R T A
    Data AcQuisition And Real-Time Analysis
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