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snow, and the sound of snow

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by dougreed, Aug 6, 2006.

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  1. dougreed

    dougreed Guest

    Hi, I'm new here, and this is my problem. I have a mid 1990's 25
    Magnavox tv. Yesterday all was well, today I only get snow and th
    white noise with it. All the menu displays come up and I can adjus
    color, etc..., the channel numbers pop up in the corner but n
    picture or sound except the snow and white noise. I try to use th
    vcr, with the same results, snow and white noise. I am not on cable
    but all the rooms are fed coax from the antenna thru an amp. Th
    other TV's in the house are receiving a normal signal. I scrolle
    thru the menu to make sure it had not been switched to 'CABLE'.
    have tried different combinations of connections with and w/o the vc
    and the results are all the same. I can turn the volume up and dow
    and flip thru the channels, but all I get is snow and
    thoughts, thanks, dougree
  2. CJT

    CJT Guest

    When you say you tried with the VCR, did you try playing a tape?

    And is the result the same on VHF and UHF?

    It sounds like the tuner may have died. Does that set have a direct
    video input? If it does, that would come in past the tuner.
  3. Ohmster

    Ohmster Guest

    Yah, tuner is dead for whatever reason. Power supply to it has gone, the
    tuner itself does not work, etc. A mid 90's Magnavox TV set is 10 years old
    and not really worth putting any money into to fix. You can hook up an old
    VCR to the video input and then connect your cable to the VCR to use for a
    tuner. Heck, you can get a brand new VCR at Wallmart for less than fourty
    dollars. That is a *lot* cheaper than fixing a 10 year old television set.
  4. Jerry G.

    Jerry G. Guest

    Start by replacing the tuner module. Before replacing, verify that all
    the feed voltages are in specs, and that the RF AGC circuit from the IF
    section is functioning properly.

    It is best to take the set to a service centre, if you are not trained
    in TV servicing and do not have the set-up to do this type of work.

    Jerry G.
  5. dougreed

    dougreed Guest

    Hi, thanks for the info. No, the TV does not have a seperate vide
    input, and yes I tried to use the vcr as the tuner. The TV tuner mus
    be dead...Thanks again,see-ya...dou
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