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SMT rework shops near Sacramento or Bay Area?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Joerg, Jan 5, 2008.

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  1. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    Many of us design folks don't have all the fine pitch gear to lift a
    super-dense quad pack and solder on a new one. Same goes for some of my
    clients, mostly the start-ups. So, are there any service providers that
    can do these jobs on a prototype board or two? The usual fabs often
    don't like such small jobs although some would reluctantly do it for a
    good customer.

    Sacramento would be great, or Bay Area if it has to be. There's always
    Fedex, so in a pinch even father locations could work.
  2. Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson Guest

    Got any snow yet?

    Terrible weather here, overcast skies, temperature barely touching
    70°F, and it may rain ;-)

    ...Jim Thompson
  3. linnix

    linnix Guest

    We usually ask the prototype shop to make the PCB and mount the chips
    (0.5mm) and ship them together. If you let them make the board, they
    will mount the chip for a bit less than a cup of coffee. Global
    courier is usually 3 days, sometimes faster than local Fed-Ex.
  4. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    Not yet, but it's rolling in. Yesterday was the worst, lots of uprooted
    trees, one of them split a house in half. A neighbor was retrieving her
    trash can before it became airborne and a big apple tree crashed down
    right behind her.

    This is how it looks like around here:
  5. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    Same here and they usually accommodate us. But sometimes it's for boards
    they did not assemble and it typically involves removal of a busted
    chip. Yesterday a consultant friend had that happen and Jim (RST) and I
    came up with a couple places he could use but none are close by. Well,
    then his power went, on account of the storm, trees flying sideways and
    all that ...
  6. linnix

    linnix Guest

    We do have the equipments here (San Diego) to rework SMT, but it's
    easy to damage the board. Sometimes, it's cheaper to move all the
    good parts to a new board. We have regular global courier shipments
    both way, so it's cheaper for us to ship them back to the factory.

    It takes me a couple of hours to do a board (64 pins 0.5mm pitch) and
    only a cup of coffee for the factory to do it.
  7. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    True. However, often I have only one board from a client. At larger
    clients it's no problem. The techs have nice Metcal unsolder/solder
    equipment and they can swap a big TQFP and such in minutes. That's the
    kind of service I am looking for.
  8. linnix

    linnix Guest

    Yes, I have something similar to the Metcal HCT-900-11 Hot Air Rework
    Station in my Garage. Even with that, I have to be careful not to
    damage the traces and/or loosen other parts. I use it for
    emergencies, but most of the time ending up sending them back to the

    Unfortunately, my newer parts are too expensive to ship out. So, I
    might have to do them myself.
  9. Brian

    Brian Guest

    We do it at times.
  10. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    Thanks! It's in the files now. Wisconsin ain't exactly around the corner
    but Fedex goes there. Except right now, we are being pummeled by the
  11. linnix

    linnix Guest

    We can do it too.
    If you want it done far away, it will cost you a Starbuck.
    If you want it done closer (San Diego), it will cost you a Wynn buffet
    in Los Vegas.
  12. John Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    San Francisco looks like a war zone, a couple thousand trees down,
    flooding, a fair amount of property damage, kind of a junior Katrina.
    Lots of power failures, especially down the peninsula.

    Winds yesterday spiked at 70 mph. It blew down a fence in our back
    yard and sucked a skylight off the roof. I went up there, found it
    nearby, and nailed it back down; only one layer of glass was crazed,
    so it's still watertight. Damn near blew me off the roof, and the
    raindrops were like ice bullets.

    We have a break, but more weather is coming. The ground here saturates
    fast, so mudslides and floods are likely.

    We have a good assembly/rework house we use on the peninsula; I'll
    look up the name on Monday. Sometimes we do work for *them*.

    In a dire emergency, you can send stuff to us; we have a lot of rework
    and inspection gear, including bga, and some very skilled people.

  13. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    Similar here. The force was quite amazing. We have a fairly heavy wooden
    bench near the pool. Tied everything down except for that one because it
    would never move. Wrong! It lifted off almost vertically and then
    crashed into a flower bed.

    Haven't seen any major damage around our house but couldn't check the
    roof, too windy. Luckily we had replaced it with steel, else we wouldn't
    have a roof now. Oh well, since the insurance has a $5k deductible we'll
    have to fix whatever broke by ourselves. That bench might mutate into
    firewood soon.

    Don't do that, I know a guy who did slide off a roof and (by a miracle)
    lived to tell about it. This neighbor with the uprooted tree also had
    the whole east side fence blown over. A few years ago it was restored
    but they "re-used" the old posts. That's what broke it.

    And some more trees to come down because now their roots are located in
    mushy soil that doesn't hold anything.

    That looks like a picture-perfect paradise compared to here ;-)
    Yes, please do, I'd appreciate that (others probably, too).

    Thanks. Although that's what I am trying to avoid, bothering others
    whose normal tasks will become interrupted by such requests. Except in
    emergencies. Like right now everyone who has a chain saw is in high
    demand out here.
  14. We've got 6 inches on the ground and about that much coming tomorrow about
    30 miles northwest of you, Joerg. You got any of the white stuff?

  15. Grass Valley regularly gets this sort of stuff in the winter, and our weaker
    trees are taken out every year so they don't go down all at once. Wasn't
    all that bad up here. Power went out for fifteen minutes Friday around
    noon, but so far not even a flicker even with half a foot of wet snow.

    My wind-o-meter has a peak gust of 90 at Friday around 11:30. It blew a few
    twigs off of the Douglas Firs around the house. I'm sort of worried about a
    dead DF about 20' from the house to the southwest, but it isn't big enough
    in diameter to do anything but knock off a few shingles even if it goes.

    Hey, we're half a mile above you. We send all our floodwater down to YOU.

    But I gotta comment. Do ANY of the old geezers in your area know how to
    drive in the rain? I'm coming off the Bay Bridge down 101 towards Foster
    City and there are all these bluehairs in the fast lane with a death grip on
    their steering wheels and hunched up over their wheels like that extra 9
    inches will let them see better and going 30 in the fast lane? Not one, but
    HUNDREDS of them. Gawd, no wonder there was bent metal on both sides of the
    freeway a few thousand feet all along the roadway.


  16. John Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    And I bet they were all driving Volvos.

  17. What was your FIRST clue (and you are correct, either Volvo or Mercedes).

  18. John Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    Driving badly, oblivious to the rules or consideration of others, is
    classic Volvo. Sort of like top posting.

  19. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    Nope, nothing. And we even had a glimpse of sunshine at noon today.
  20. I hope you are all kept safe during the bad wheather.

    We (dk-europe) have had some real strange wheather behaviour in 2007 -
    lets see how 2008 behaves.....


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