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SMPS & TSM 101

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by sperelat, Sep 18, 2007.

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  1. sperelat

    sperelat Guest

    My current task is analyzing SMPS circuit with TSM 101.

    For that task, I'm studying the principle of SMPS.

    What I know now is how PWM can be applied to

    SMPS,but I don't undertand function of TSM101 controller .
    (Voltage and current controller)

    Whath is the good of connecting chips like TSM 101 to the

    PWM circuit?
  2. EdV

    EdV Guest

    I recommend ordering the evaluation board described in the STM
    datasheet for the TSM101. I believe what may be confusing you in the
    datasheet is the generic "PWM controller" without much description of
    what it is. Get the circuit plug it in and see what happens probe it
    with an oscilloscope.

    Also you should email an STM application engineer for more

    Ed V.
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