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Smoke detector with earth leak feature

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by qmu, Nov 12, 2008.

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  1. qmu

    qmu Guest

    Hi all,
    I am wondering if such a thing exists:
    A Smoke-detector which you plug to the electric socket: if it detects
    smoke, it makes some current leak from phase to ground wire, hence
    tripping the Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker of the house.
    Possibly it can also emit the sound alarm (battery powered), but it's
    not required for me.
    This thing would be very good for fires of electrical origin...
    Does it exist?
    Thank you
  2. Proteus VII

    Proteus VII Guest

    user qmu

    have you been ingesting hallucinogens or mind altering drugs such as
    cannabis or crystal meth

    I am Proteus
  3. I have read from some magazine that some proapbly
    Finnish company had made a product pretty close to what you have.
    There is a whole house Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker
    on the main electrical panel. Then the fire detector
    system will make that to trip (cause intentional
    leakage or someting that is detected as leakage)
    when smoke detector detects smoke.
  4. Proteus VII

    Proteus VII Guest

    Group users

    so do you figure that if a fire broke out late at night in someones
    house all the lights should be turned off with a device controling your
    electrical service

    let's see what do you all think group

    the home owner and his enitre family and perhaps a guest or two will be
    guided and find their way out to a safe escape with the lighting offered
    by the flames engulfing the residence

    you don't have to be a supercomputer to see that that is not a very good

    I am Proteus
  5. Eric

    Eric Guest

    Yeah burn the toast and out go the lights...
  6. You're an idiot. Any shorted runs would open the breaker for that run.
    NO, dumbass. A fire causes smoke, and it is pitch black all the way
    down to just above the floor.
    You need an education, however, to see that what we have is fine. That
    education is something you do not possess.
    You are a retard.
  7. Proteus VII

    Proteus VII Guest

    user Zarathustra

    you are the most retarded idiotic individual on the internet

    go ahead and help him make such a device I predict the venture will be
    very successful in the commercial/industrial world

    just don't expect the general public to purchase and make use of such
    device in their homes and other residential applications

    if the latter business venture fails I will deep probe you so deep you
    won't make the mistake of misjudging pure unadulterated knowledge

    I am Proteus
  8. qmu

    qmu Guest


    I will clarify:

    The idea was meant to be used in areas where people normally don't live!

    Obviously in case someone is around a good sounding alarm and lights on
    would be better. (ok the sounding alarm is always better than no-sound)

    If the fire is of electrical origin, I'd say it would be better to stop
    electricity as soon as smoke is detected, than stopping it some 5-10
    minutes later when the short circuit is so serious that the 3KW limit is

    Now the discussion can be on the basis of: what is the chance that the
    fire is already self-sustained when smoke is detected? If it is very
    high like 70% or more, then probably the object is useless (but not
    counterproductive). I am not totally sure of the sensitivity of smoke
    detectors, and of the time it takes for the smoke to spread.
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