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Smoke Det. Scam

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by ABLE_1, Mar 6, 2007.

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  1. ABLE_1

    ABLE_1 Guest

    This is a FYI to all dealers please be aware.

    Today I received a phone call that was set up thru a Relay Service as in a
    TTY from Hearing Impaired. The best I could figure out was that the
    individual "Angela" was looking for a price for a particular model of smoke
    detector from both Firex and BRK. I was asked to send prices to an email

    Since the Relay is difficult to get good info I decided to send an email
    requesting more info. The info I got back was very unusual. The email
    wanted to know what the cost would be for the Smokes UPS'd to my location
    and they would have them picked up by FEDEX.

    Say WHAT???

    And oh, what credit card do you take???

    And oh, this is for 620 units.


    Any how this is a SCAM. I have talked to my distributor and they have been
    and are aware of the SCAM. Don't know how it works don't care.

    I have made a complaint to the FBI and will ignore all future email.

    Just wanted to make all aware so that you can be prepared.

    Have a better day.

  2. There are a lot of people running that scam. We get the calls all the time. I decline the order every time. One recent caller
    asked for 200+ smokes. During the conversation a Verizon anti-fraud rep interrupted and informed me that their software detected a
    probable fraudulent purchase. Apparently they monitor what the operator types (whatever the caller says) and when they detect
    certain patterns of behavior it flags them. The reason I mention this is that if Verizon has special software and full-time staff
    watching for these scams they must be really pervasive.

    Glad you didn't get hood winked. The scam is simple enough. They pay with a stolen credit card number. By the time you get the
    charge-back your equipment is in Lagos or someplace equally unencumbered by law or morality.


    Robert L Bass

    Bass Home Electronics
    4883 Fallcrest Circle
    Sarasota · Florida · 34233
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