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Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Bob Urz, Jan 17, 2007.

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  1. Bob Urz

    Bob Urz Guest

    Got this bit from a telephoney magazine news leter:

    Cell phones long ago did away with their boring rings and started
    blaring everything from James Brown to John Cleese when they wanted to
    be answered. And even before the ringtone, phones made themselves felt,
    not heard, through vibration features.

    The ways to interact with your phone are countless, so it's not
    surprising when a company comes up with a new sensation for you to toy
    with. But what Sony Ericsson has developed for NTT DoCoMo is almost
    shocking: a phone that smells. No, no, no, not that factory-new smell of
    chemicals and plastic, but the distinguishable (and presumably pleasant)
    odors that customers can hand pick for their phones to set themselves
    apart from the masses whose phones merely scream Britney Spears songs
    and are painted blue.

    The Sony Ericsson SO703i comes with a slot for replaceable scented
    sheets that give off one of 11 odors. I know what you're thinking: A
    perfect marketing opportunity for the Chanel No. 5 phone. You're right,
    it's probably right around the corner.

    I think personalization is a good thing. In an age where everyone has a
    cell phone, differentiating rings can be useful. And as the cell phone
    has become a critical piece of our identities, stylization of those
    devices is only natural. But can we go too far? It's hard enough to
    tolerate the teenybopper on the bus or in line at the movie theater
    whose phone is blaring some obnoxious tune when she's not chattering
    incessantly in higher registers to her friends. But must we now endure
    whatever obnoxious scent she decides fits her personality and sense of
    flair? What's next? A phone that performs a mini-laser light show when
    it rings? Throws off sparks when it disconnects? Or perhaps inflates a
    three-story-tall pig and sends it flying across the stadium during
    guitar solos?

  2. GregS

    GregS Guest

    Allready comes with a fart sheet.

  3. Pink my Phone......
  4. BOB Urz

    BOB Urz Guest

    I have this image of the Aussie pink floyd tribute band playing
    "Pigs" with some rigging gone amuck........
    Some swine stage hand must have made a mistake. ;)

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