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SMD Rework Equipment

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Dec 20, 2012.

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  1. Guest

    I am looking to acquire SMD rework equipment. I have BGA and QFN with soldered exposed pads I need to be able to safely replace. The most immediate need is to replace this QFN like package:

    I am currently considering these SMD rework systems:

    Zephyrtronics ZT-7-MIL:

    Metcalf APR-5000-DZ-ML

    I would like to hear of any experience with these or any other.

    Zephyrtronics has video that attempts to show the use of thermocouples is cumbersome, unreliable, and time consuming:
    I would like to hear comments on how accurate that representation is.
  2. I've used this system, It wasnt very good. The hot air pencils tend to
    blow the smd devices off the board.
    The Metcal or other rework system would easily trump it. that includes
    a hair dryer.

  3. Rich Webb

    Rich Webb Guest

    I don't do BGA but I would recommend adding Howard Electronics
    <> to the comparison shopping list.
    I've purchased several items with them w/o any problems. They do have
    some videos linked from their main page, including one addressing BGA
    rework that's seriously cool. Wish I had a reason to get one... ;-)
  4. Bill Sloman

    Bill Sloman Guest

    It looks like the Groatmoor system that we used in the UK back around
    1990. It was a glorified hair-dryer, albeit blowing on the board from
    both sides, and it worked fine. Bulky, but we were working on big
    boards - triple extended Eurocards - and needed the space around the
    heated region to accommodate the rest of the board.
  5. Guest

    Do-it-yourselfers use ordinary electric cooking pans for the pre-
    heater, set low. $20-$30 at Target, and they work fine.[*]
    Pre-heating the board even a little makes a big difference.

    [*] It's best to add a heat-spreader if you're going to use it for
    reflow though--the heat's not that even.
  6. Guest

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