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SMD equivalent of BS170

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by SioL, Sep 25, 2003.

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  1. SioL

    SioL Guest


    I'm converting one of my boards over to SMD and
    am looking for an SMD equivalent of BS170, widely
    available. Just a simple switch, nothing fancy.

    Also, anybody know a suitable widely available (cheap)
    unit as the CLY5/CLY10? They are hard to get nowadays.
    Needs to go to at least 400MHz and produce about 30dBm
    at +- 15dB gain.

  2. SioL wrote...
    Fairchild makes the MMBF170 and Zetex has the BS170F.
    Both are SOT-23 parts. The 2n7002 is widely available.
    Sorry, I'm tapped out. Try Agilent.

    - Win
  3. SioL

    SioL Guest

    Thanks, appreciated!

  4. Leon Heller

    Leon Heller Guest

    Try MCL:

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