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Small Screw Driver for AGC Pot

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by W. Watson, Feb 10, 2004.

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  1. W. Watson

    W. Watson Guest

    I have a video camera that has a small pot AGC whose cross-like screw is about 1/2"
    across. It's in the back of the camera and mounted in such a way that trying to
    adjust the pot requires removing the camera. It would be god if I had something of a
    screw driver about 1" long that I could either wedge into the cross or glue it in, so
    that I could adjust the AGC without removing the camera. Are such items made? If not,
    I'll be searching for a small piece of plastic I can use.

    Here's a look at the camera <>. See the back plate
    drawing at the bottom of the page on the right. That's as much detail as I can provide.
    Wayne T. Watson (121.015 Deg. W, 39.262 Deg. N, 2,701 feet, Nevada City, CA)
    -- GMT-8 hr std. time, RJ Rcvr 39° 8' 0" N, 121° 1' 0" W

    "Don't you just hate it when someone leaves their call back phone
    number at 100 digits a second? And worse. At the end of a long message."
    -- Andy Rooney (in disguise)

    Web Page: <>
    sierra_mtnview -at- earthlink -dot- net
    Imaginarium Museum: <>
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