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Small-scale outdoor moving lights?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Simon Waldman, Sep 1, 2005.

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  1. A query came up today where somebody was looking for a small-scale
    moving head with a useful IP rating, and I realised that I can't think
    of any. I thought I'd tap the resources of these newsgroups.

    Can anybody think of a small moving light (moving head was the original
    query, but mirrors or periscopes would probably be fine) that is
    designed for use outdoors? I'm aware of the likes of City Colors, Space
    Canons, and large xenon searchlights; I'm looking for something more in
    the region of 150W or 250W HMI; maybe up to 575W at most. I'm talking
    about a proper outdoor fixture, not simply about using inflatable domes.

    I don't think that other features such as colour changing are essential.
    I don't think it matters whether it uses wash or profile optics.

    I suspect the reason that these are hard to come by is simply the
    difficulty of sealing the moving parts... another approach that occured
    to me is having a fixed something aimed at a moving mirror, something
    like the VL-M... does anybody know of an IP-rated mirror system?

  2. Duncanwood

    Duncanwood Guest

    You can get rigid coffins for moving mirror lights, all the exterior
    moving heads I've done have lived in domes, it's difficult to see any way
    you could waterproof a fixture for anything close to the price of a dome,
    even things lige MAC600 exteriors are sodding pricy.
  3. Any idea where?
    Agreed - I assumed that this was the reason I couldn't find any.
    ....and don't actually move :)

    The answer may be to use domes, but intuitively they seem like a
    solution for temporary stuff to me - not something to install. Maybe
    this perception is wrong...
  4. Duncanwood

    Duncanwood Guest

    I've actually done a couple of permanent jobs with the inflatable domes,
    where they're well protected from wind. Roboscans in Coffins can survive
    on a seafront.
  5. Well, yes, if necessary. Perhaps. I don't actually know the full details
    of this project, I was just asked to see if I could find any fixtures.
    In some situations, yes. Less so on teh roof of a building.

    In case anybody is reading this for their own reference, the only thing
    I have found is some heavy duty permenant enclosures (acrylic rather
    than inflatable flexible stuff) from

    They look very capable, but ain't cheap... it seems that it's entirely
    possible here to pay more for the dome than the luminaire...
  6. Duncanwood

    Duncanwood Guest

    Yep, & the install costs are normally close to that as well.
  7. Duncanwood

    Duncanwood Guest

    THe drive belts would probably get upset, pan drive's a fairly common
    failure on moving head lamps.
  8. Have you considered putting a MOJO 1 scanner inside an inverted aquarium
    tank sat across a couple of bits of wood for airflow? :p
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