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Small potmeters

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by [email protected], Mar 5, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    I'm looking for a couple of small-sized potmeters (and matching
    Unfortunately I don't have the specs, but here's a picture I took of a
    Yamaha synthesizer module which has one of these (marked "Gain"):
    I've also seen them used for headphone levels on some audio CD-

    I'm also interested in finding small push-button switches such as the
    one in the same photo (marked "Mic/line").

    Any idea who makes them and where to buy them?
  2. Yamaha. And Yamaha.
    Just pay what they ask. Even if you thrash around for a MONTH searching
    hard every day for a source of custom parts that happen to fit someone
    else's custom parts exactly, you'll still end up going to Yamaha and asking
    them, and paying, and considering that it was worth it after all.

    Considering they'll not ask much more than a fiver for a single pot and
    knob, you won't be paying noticeably more than if you'd gone into Maplin or
    Radio Shack. Just tell them what model number machine it's for. I've bought
    spares from them before, for FS1R synthesizers, knobs, and a complete
    control panel. The panel was expensive, but the individual knobs were very
  3. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    From a front panel view ? !!!!!

  4. Yes, in this case. Yamaha. They make their own, or get someone to make
    special orders for them. They probably try to minimise costs by using same
    type for many things, but it still comes down to Yamaha. Go to source.
  5. Guest

    OK, that might have seemed a bit lame, but I basically want (more or
    less) the same kind of knob which is a lot smaller than any knob I've
    come across fitting standard potmeters I've used with my projects.
    I was thinking that someone would recognize the knob and hence know of
    the approx. dimension of the spindle (or whatever it's called)
    belonging to it.

    As for contacting Yamaha -yes, I could do that if I knew the value of
    the potmeters I need, but alas I haven't gotten that far with my

    I would also need service manuals for a variety of Yamaha synth
    modules in order to find ones that match the values I'm looking for.
  6. All the more reason to try to get preferred values. If you're really after
    something horribly specific, you'll have to place the physical form as a
    lower priority unless you want to pay a LOT of money.

    If you can get by with 10K or other preferred value, do it, it makes things
    easier. You can always pick your fixed resistors to suit, later. Yamaha use
    those things for gain controls and other controls too, so you might have
    the pick of LIN or LOG types. Don't worry about the exact model number they
    use them for, just ask the service staff by phone, and see if they have
    enough to spare of a given value. I doubt they stock everything according
    to a specific model, as they try to make things for several models, they'd
    cross-reference, but store actual inventory by its own description,
    probably, so they can find them by value, then cross reference later to let
    you see what they are. If you want more than just a few, they'd probably
    not sell, but at least you can get samples that way to send to someone who
    can make thousands.
  7. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    Have you *any idea* how many variations of pot construction and spindle types
    there are ?

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