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Small low-cost embedded board for a model airplane

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Albert Goodwill, Sep 24, 2006.

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  1. Hello Embedded Electronics Experts,

    For a real-time signal monitoring and logging application, I am loking
    a small, low power and light weight microcontroller board. This board
    will be carried on a remotely piloted model airplane. As the airplane
    flies it will collect data from various sensors and save them to a SD
    memory card as well as it will send selected data to the ground for
    data logging and monitoring.

    Can you recommend any embedded board which can satisfy the following


    Albert Goodwill
    AlbertGoodwill @ yahoo . com

    * ADC (Analog to Digital Converter)
    13 channel (simultaneous sample hold is desirable)
    16 bits resolution
    it will be used to capture 1000 samples/ second

    * I2C interface
    * SPI interface
    * 4 X UART
    * Free (or low-cost) C compiler and SW development environment

    Following are the sensors to be connected to the embedded board
    Sensors with analog outputs
    * 3 axis accelerometers (0-5v or 0-3.3v analog outputs)
    * 3 axis gyros (0-5v or 0-3.3v analog outputs)
    * 3 axis magnetosensors (0-5v or 0-3.3v analog outputs)
    * 2 pressure sensors (0-5v or 0-3.3v analog outputs)
    * 2 current sensor (0-500mv outputs)

    RMP Sensor
    * 0-10000 RMP sensor with 1 logic pulse per rotation

    Fuel Consumption sensor
    * 1 logic pulse per xx milliliter fuel flow

    Sensors with I2C iterface
    * 10 temperature sensors with I2C

    Other Sensors
    * GPS receiver (accepting DGPS correction) with RS232 interface
  2. How about a Rabbit module:
    This one has 6 serial ports and a card module, no ADC though, although
    other modules without the card slot have it.
    Kinda-sorta low cost C development system.

    Dave :)
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