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Small home made generator need help

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by Waynemak, Nov 29, 2004.

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  1. Waynemak

    Waynemak Guest

    Ok it's not a big generator just enough to power a small bulb. I need to
    explain this to a class of 6 year old children and keep them form getting
    lost with other thoughts. ANY GOOD IDEAS or very short descriptions would be
    a great help.

    Take a look

    This is made from 4 rare earth magnets and some shop time. It runs very
    smooth and lights the LED up nice with a good spin
  2. Gymy Bob

    Gymy Bob Guest

    Two colour LEDs or two different colour LEDs back to back to demonstrate
    reversing polarities with approaching and falling away poles?

    Centre positioned meter to show the same as above?

    Speaker to hear the thumps at different frequencies and stimulate another
    sense in the kids? Demonstrate turning the electricity into audio sounds.
  3. Gymy Bob

    Gymy Bob Guest

    One more...

    A small solenoid with a bell and clapper on the end of the solenoid for
    dynamic attention getting?
    Show the induction in reverse and how it works both ways?
  4. Waynemak

    Waynemak Guest

    I like the speaker idea. Sounds good or I hope it does.
  5. Gymy Bob

    Gymy Bob Guest

    If enough sound doesn't come out you could face a larger one up and put
    small beads into it.
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