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Small Coil/Magnet Supplies ~ 3 Volts ~ 0.1 Amps

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by BretCahill, Sep 21, 2003.

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  1. BretCahill

    BretCahill Guest

    The "Firefly" sells in bicycle shops for about $8.00. It's an LED + watch
    battery that attaches to the rim ends of spokes and creates a pretty noticeable
    marker or running light.

    The problem is the battery runs down.

    Couldn't a small coil + rectifier + capacitor + LED be placed on the spoke ends
    with a magnet on the forks or chain or seat stays? The wheel itself would
    become a generator.

    What kind of small coil would put out 3 volts/0.1 amp when swiped with a magnet
    at speeds > 5 mph?

    Bret Cahill

  2. I guess I f you just got one that was enough to produce over 3 volts, you
    could probably regulate it, so speed changes wouldn't matter. I don't have
    much experience, so I don't actually know what specific coil you would need

    Andrew Howard
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