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small angle/rotary encoder ?

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Stef Mientki, Oct 14, 2003.

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  1. Stef Mientki

    Stef Mientki Guest

    I'm looking for a small angle (or rotary) encoder,
    I would like to have the following specs:

    - (absoluut) angle over minimal 300 degrees
    - diameter < 20 mm
    - thickness < 10 mm
    - accuracy +/- 2 degrees
    - small quantities (10 .. 100)

    Any ideas ?

    Stef Mientki
  2. happyhobit

    happyhobit Guest

    The smallest absolute encoder I can find is 32mm X 32mm, 9 bit, gray Scale /
    natural binary. Too big? Jay
  3. Stef Mientki

    Stef Mientki Guest

    well I could live with that,
    can you give me the type ?
    9 bit, gray Scale /
  4. With that accuracy you can use a potentiometer. Vishay has some.
    Don't look under potentiometers, but at this location:

    Maybe model 140-3-???? (continous rotation) is useable.
    Lifetime 500000 revolutions, not too impressive.

    There are others, but your space is really tight.
  5. Stef Mientki

    Stef Mientki Guest

  6. Rich Webb

    Rich Webb Guest

    Absolute might be tough. US Digital has some relative encoders
    that are only about 11.4 mm thick and 21 mm diameter.
  7. happyhobit

    happyhobit Guest

    Relative? Sorry but it's Absolute or Incremental.

  8. Travis Hayes

    Travis Hayes Guest

    If you are only looking for one or two of these, take apart a cheap mouse
    and use the opto encoders. Two encoder wheels, and a matched pair of
  9. Stef Mientki

    Stef Mientki Guest

    Thanks, that's indeed almost within my limits.
  10. Stef Mientki

    Stef Mientki Guest

    That might be a very good idea.
    Or maybe the current optical mouses (800 dpi !) ?
    But I need 10 ..100 devices ;-(
  11. happyhobit

    happyhobit Guest

    Are you looking for an absoluut (absolute) or incremental encoder?

    For what application?

    If all you're looking for is a digital panel encoder than Grayhill,
    Panasonic, Tasoku, CTS, Clarostat and Bourns all make products that would do
    what you want.

    What do you want?

  12. Stef Mientki

    Stef Mientki Guest

    the best would an "absolute", but I can live with incremental.
    Goniometer, for measuring the angle of human joints, like the finger.
    The totalsize of this thing should be in the order of a pocket knife.
    Most of them are potmeters, which have far too much height.
    Well the E4 of US digital looks quiet suitable,
    a little bit smaller would even be nicer ;-)

  13. Just thought I'd check to see if you knew about other methods of doing this
    which are potentially very small - fiber optics and flex sensors.

    Mitch Berkson
  14. Stef Mientki

    Stef Mientki Guest

    Thank you all for responding !

    I just found a very nice potentiometer, N-15 from Piher,
    Don't know yet if it's accurate enough,
    but it's really small (15*15*4.5 mm).

    Stef Mientki
  15. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    Does all the encoding have to be inside that package?
    A good quality pot and a(an?) SMT ADC might work.

    Good Luck!
  16. Did you try looking at the Mouser Website or Digikey. They have 1000'sof
    components and very cheap any size shape smell and color
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