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Sludge Blanket Levels?

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by BIGEYE, Jun 7, 2006.

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    BIGEYE Guest

    Has anyone had success in measuring sludge blanket levels in Picket Fence
    Thickeners as used in the waste water industry?
    I have tried single point level detection using light, very little success
    with this, and quite often the sensor gets caught in the rake. I am now
    using ultrasonic and getting better results. This way I get a continuous
    level measurement. However, blanket level detection is sometimes unreliable.
    Is there anything better I should consider for this application?
  2. Jerry Avins

    Jerry Avins Guest

    I've asked the staff at my local sewerage authority if that have a
    suggestion for you. I'll forward a response if it's pertinent.

  3. All the plants I've seen use ultrasonic. Hawk ( make a
    range of ultrasonic level transmitters for waste-water applications and
    they're very easy to set up and pretty reliable.

    Another option is something from Drexelbrook. They have a wide range of
    contact-type magnetostrictive transmitters which can discriminate between
    the blanket and the water underneath and it might be worth talking to one of
    their reps..

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