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Slew Rate Limitations: Thanks

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Sanjayan Vinayagamoorthy, May 16, 2004.

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  1. Hopefully this goes to the right thread.

    Thanks for the replies. I get it now. I thought that for some reason
    that the gain would affect the slew rate of the amplifier. Which
    caused me no end of grief.


  2. AIUI the inverse is true. The slew rate will affect the "usable" gain
    vs. frequency. For the sake of argument let's assume your 1V/uS slew
    limit. If we set the gain at 10 and feed in a 100mV 250Khz signal, we
    should be right on the edge of the slew limit since the output would be
    changing at 1V/uS. If we increase the input signal amplitude (or the
    gain of the op-amp, or the frequency of the input) then we would have
    problems as the output couldn't keep up. I hope I have this right, if
    not I'm sure someone will straighten me out. ;-)
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