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Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by TerryB, Nov 25, 2012.

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  1. TerryB

    TerryB Guest


    I suspect that my suggestion of yesterday was not too clear. Here I hope
    is a better explanation. I am assuming that you have the same Sky
    Decoder as we have - a Pace DSR600

    As I understand your existing set-up:
    Your Sky decoder gets it's signal from the Satellite dish, and outputs
    the decoded signal to your main TV via the A/V connection.

    Your analogue TV aerial's connect to a splitter which supplies the
    analogue channels to each of your TV's, including your main TV.

    Suggested Change:
    Your TV Decoder should have an analogue IN and an an analogue OUT
    connector. Connect your analogue aerial's directly to the Sky Decoder
    analogue IN connector, and the analogue OUT connector to the splitter.

    The Sky decoder will pass the analogue TV signals through to the
    existing TV's, possibly with slightly better quality. It will also pass
    through the terrestrial (HD) Freeview signals which you can view either
    by purchasing a new TV with in internal Freeview tuner or a Freeview
    decoder box for each TV.

    The Sky decoder will also output the selected Sky channel on the
    analogue OUT connector which will now be available to all your TV's.

    The default for the decoded sky analogue OUT is UHF Channel 38
    (607.2Mhz), but I recommend changing this via the Sky menu to UHF
    Channel 21 (471.25Mhz) as this will give better quality on your older
    TV's. Note that you will only be able to watch a single Sky channel on
    your TV's at any one time.

    You will require a technician with the necessary hardware and tools to
    carry out this modification.

    Hope this is clearer.

    On another matter:
    Unfortunately Mike Millet had a minor stroke yesterday and is currently
    in hospital. He is expected to recover quite quickly, but he and Alison
    will not be joining us in Christchurch.
    They will both have been under considerable stress recently as they have
    just moved into a retirement village and have also been concerned that
    their granddaughter is currently in hospital.

  2. On Sun, 25 Nov 2012 14:17:53 +1300, TerryB wrote:

    What's clear on this end is that you did not
    pay proper attention to what you were doing. :)
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