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Sky/Cable device?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Electronic Enthusiast, Jul 21, 2003.

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  1. Hi all,

    Aplogies if this is the incorrect forum for sending such a message.
    I am new to the internet and newsgroups, please please bear with me.
    Thank you!!

    I have 2 TV's in my house, and it would be great if I could watch SKY
    (or Cable TV) for that matter on both TV's at once. I was told that I
    could get cable (satellite cable) to connect these TV's together by
    connecting the ouput of the SKY/Cable to the second TV. (via RF out on
    SKY/Cable box ?)

    Anyway, I was wondering if a device is available in the UK
    (prefferably) which could change the channel in the room where the
    SKY/Cable box isnt ? Ie: The SKY/Cable box itself would be in the
    lounge, and the other TV in the bedroom - I would like to know whether
    a device is available (infra red??) which could do this for me ???
    Does this interest anyone at all either, cause although we would be
    able to only watch 1 channel at a time, we would be able to watch
    programmes using this device in another room - changing the channels
    in that room ! Would anyone buy something like this? Has anyone ?

    I appreciate your time and thank you so much for your thoughts and
    ideas ... Again, aplogies if this is not correct forum, kindly point
    me in the right direction and accept my aplogies :)

  2. Not the right forum, but what you want is something like this:

    It will transmit audio/video and remote signals. The receiver
    also picks up the IR emitted by your remote control(s) and
    the transmitter simple sends out those IR coded signals to
    control whatever it is transmitting the audio/video for.

    More good news is that they work as advertized. I bought one
    about a year ago, for ~100 euro. Probably cheaper now. It's
    not a rare item, most tv-shops sells them. Or Ebay ;)
  3. crooksie

    crooksie Guest

    Hi try SEME LTD they do these products
    as well as a dedicated Sky remote extender called a tvlink order No SPAR2016
    i could not find these on seme site but they do stock them.
    hope this helps
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