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Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Jibbed, Jan 14, 2004.

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  1. Jibbed

    Jibbed Guest

    Hi there,
    I'm building a small radio transmitter with instructions I received from a
    friend. I'm in the UK and looking for the following. I can't find some of
    the things on the list and others when I do find them there are many types
    and I don't really know which one I'll need. Unless they're all pretty much
    the same?

    330R Resistor
    6K8 Capacitor
    4.7 Capacitor
    1nF Capacitor (102 on it)
    100 nF Capacitor (104 on it)
    BC549 Transistor
    Omnidirectional microphone
    Variable tuning capacitor (green pot)
    5 turn coil

    This is the only information, component wise I've got so is it obvious to
    you clever lot what specific components they are? Or would more information
    be required?

    If anyone could help it'd be very appreciated.

    Thank you,

  2. A few things: You don't give a wattage for the resistor - a standard 0.6W
    will probably do it. Also, the "6K8" capacitor doesn't look right. Are you
    sure it's a capacitor and not a resistor? Is the "6K8" written on its body?
    It could be 6.8nF but I don't know. The "4.7" cap is probably 4.7pF. When
    you buy the caps, ask for "ceramic" ones. You don't specify a capacitance
    range for the variable tuning capacitor. They usually are in the pF range,
    but again I'm guessing here. Omnidirectional mic of what type? There are
    many types out there... Does it have two of three pins? This will give us
    some clues. The 5-turn coil you probably need to make yourself by purchasing
    some insulated coil wire (check the wire thickness and coil's general

    Other than that, they all look like very standard components to me. Are
    there any Maplin stores in your area? If yes, pop in to one of them with the
    component list and they will help you out (although I wouldn't count too
    much on their knowledge of electronics). Cost should be less than £5 (the
    mic should be the most expensive item).

    All of the sites below should have all of the components: --- My favourite (min order £10, free delivery) --- Can order < £10 but they charge for delivery --- I only visit their shop when I need sth NOW!

    Hope this helps. Feel free to ask if you need more info.
    Good luck with the project.

    Costas Vlachos Email:
    SPAM-TRAPPED: Please remove "-X-" before replying
  3. Jibbed

    Jibbed Guest

    Thanks for your reply, it helped a lot. That'll get me started I'm sure. I
    have some more info. regarding the components.

    330R Resistor (red, red, black, black) colour code
    6K8 Resistor (blue, grey, black brown) colour code
    The two 4.7 capacitors have 4P7 on them and are mainly grey with a black bit
    on top.

    I'm thinking the colour codes of the resistors are unique to that resistor
    so it should be easy to ID?

    Thanks again for any light you can shed on this.


  4. You're welcome.

    Your 330 Ohm resistor should be orange-orange-black-black. The colour code
    you mention above is for a 220 Ohm resistor.

    For the same type of resistor, the colour coding should be the same
    regardless or manufacturer. The thing to note is how many colour stripes the
    resistor has. Some only have three (plus the % one), so a 330 Ohm resistor
    would be orange-orange-brown in this case (because the multiplier has to be
    10 to give 33 x 10 = 330). With the 4-colour coding we have 330 x 1 = 330.
    You can always measure them with a multimeter to make sure.

    Costas Vlachos Email:
    SPAM-TRAPPED: Please remove "-X-" before replying
  5. Standard 330 ohm resistor
    Are you sure that's exactly what was specified? 6K8 means 6.8K, but
    you've specified no units. I don't recall seeing a 6800uF capacitor
    specified as 6K8. Maybe it's 6.8nF...
    That seems to confirm that you've either been given a careless
    specification or copied it incorrectly. That is almost certainly a
    4.7uF (microfarad) capacitor
    1nf = 1 nanofarad
    100 nanofarad
    OK, that's the type of transistor
    That's inadequate. Is it meant to be hand-wound? If so, you need its
    diameter, and what it's wound on/ Or maybe it's an air type?
    With respect, are you confident of being able to build this
    successfully, even when you know what the parts are?
  6. Hans

    Hans Guest

  7. Steve

    Steve Guest

    No CIGAR for you either Hans. Ever heard of a 5 or 6 band resistor
    colour code?

    Try that URL again, this time use the first drop down menu as well and
    you'll find that Costas was perfectly correct.

  8. Hans

    Hans Guest

    Ehm... Yes. But as far as I can see, only four where mentioned...
    Only when you add a fifth colour for the tolerance?
    Or do you think it makes sense to specify a value with three digits
    when it has a tolerance of twenty percent?

    CU Hans
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