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Sirius Satellite Radio Antenna stopped working.....

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by almo, Aug 16, 2006.

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  1. almo

    almo Guest

    Yep. And the whole system cost 50 bucks, but just to buy a replacement
    antenna costs 50 bucks. Really!!! One store could order an antenna,
    for 50 bucks. On the internet, a couple weeks ago, I found that Best
    Buy had the antenna for 50 bucks. But they also had the complete
    system for.....50 bucks. I called to make sure the system for 50 bucks
    included the antenna, and it did. So I bought it and put that system
    in my car to replace the other system, which was identical.

    Anyway, I know the radio part works fine, but I don't know anything
    about satellite antennas, at least an antenna such as this. However,
    if I can fix that antenna, I can hook it to my home stereo. So, before
    doing destructive testing, does anyone know how to fix a Sirius
    satellite antenna? It must be the cable part, but don't know how to
    test it. And I checked to make sure it was the antenna, not the radio
    receiver. Anyway, any suggestions?

  2. Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson Guest

    The original equipment didn't have a guarantee?

    BTW, You need a subscription for each radio ;-)

    ...Jim Thompson
  3. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    You've replaced the whole system, and it still doesn't work? Or are you
    just trying to avoid replacing the whole system?

    What kind of antenna is it? There aren't many things that can go wrong
    with an antenna - maybe it's the preamp or detector or something.

    Good Luck!
  4. Ever hear of ebay? The cable on my first gen Sirius receiver is standard
    RG-174 coax. Aren't the losses with RG-174 pretty bad in the GHz range?

  5. Donald

    Donald Guest

    Yes, Rich, He bought a second system and the first system still doesn't

    Funny how that works.
  6. almo

    almo Guest

    Jim - Yes it came with a guarantee, and I'm sure I put it with all the
    other guarantees for coffee makers, everything else, etc. Finding one
    of those guarantees? Worth 50 bucks? It's easier to buy a new one.
    However, they did not make me purchase a new subscription, I wouldn't
    have anyway, and they (Sirius) gave me one month free service, since I
    couldn't use the radio over that time, and because they are not yet as
    big as Microsoft and can't afford to be bossy. Although I am buying
    their stock every chance I get. It's been going down since I started
    buying it, but that just makes it a better deal. It's like buying
    stock in Ted Turner and cable TV 30 years ago. The whole time my
    satellite radio was dead, I never even bothered to once turn on the
    regular radio and have people barking commercials at me for the same
    thing every 15 minutes.

  7. Tam/WB2TT

    Tam/WB2TT Guest

    I haven't seen a recent one, but they used to have a ~20 db amplifier in the
    base of the antenna. Easy way to find out is to see if there is DC on the
    coax. Something like 3 Volts. The price of the receiver is subsidized. The
    price of replacement parts is not.

  8. almo

    almo Guest

    I can't believe it. I just found the warranty!!!! That's never
    happened before.
  9. Guest

    Amazing how some people think that what everybody in America needs is
    yet ANOTHER monthly bill. Ten years from now, satellite radio basic
    service will have just as many commercials as basic cable. Ad-free
    channels will be $50 per month.

    I only listen to my iPod. I control the programming entirely, no
    commercials, and I have material I actually want to listen to - radio
    plays from the '50s and '60s, audiobooks, music from computer games,
    and a small amount of "mainstream" music. And no ongoing service
    charges. I would MUCH rather pay $400 or even $1000 once than $50 once
    plus $10 a month.

    In a major victory for common sense, I persuaded my wife to disconnect
    our satellite TV service last month, so there is no more of that
    irritation being piped in at my expense. I don't think I've turned on a
    TV set in more than a year. I watch DVDs and various downloaded
    programming (mostly movies from the 1930s and 40s; Will Hay, for
    example) on a spare computer. Again - no commercials, and I have 100%
    control. I'd only subscribe to a cable service if:

    a) it had no restriction on my ability to record programming,
    b) it had no commercials, and
    c) it was an on-demand system where I could request whatever I want out
    of a library.

    Oh, and

    d) it had the material I want to watch :)
  10. How do you get news?
  11. Guest, mostly; I visit it a few times a day - not that much of the
    news is relevant to me. With Firefox, I can make CNN and the other few
    sites I visit regularly entirely advertising-free. Online news sites
    are unreadable without ad-blocking software - too much distraction.

    It doesn't really matter which of the mainstream sites you go to for
    news, because it all comes out of a few franchised sources anyway and
    goes through the same censors.

    I'm sure there's a wealth of valuable products I'm missing out on by
    keeping myself away from advertising - but that's just too bad. All my
    spare money goes into my truck restoration and electronics projects,
    anyway - I have no discretionary income :)
  12. Keith

    Keith Guest

    Perhaps, but I've had XM Radio for about 18 months and love it.
    It's great for cross-country trips (just did 3Kmi last month); no
    searching for stations every ten minutes. No commercials either,
    not even on some programs that have commercials on normal OTA
    stations. It's well worth the $13/mo.
    So? Be happy. I don't want to bother loading up an iPOD, though I
    have a bunch of cheap MP3 players I use for talks shows I get off
    the Internet (one I subscribe to). I like to listen to TR when I'm
    working around the house.
    Mine doesn't. I even have their DVR. I then take the stuff I want
    to keep and move it to mine and burn DVDs.
    Premium channels don't.
    That's available here. I've never used it because it's just as
    easy to set the DVR up.
    It does, usually.

    e) Doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

    Our cable does, unfortunately. ...make that two legs.
  13. Guest

    If it came free in my car, and the programming was all free, and
    commercial-free, I might _very rarely_ turn it on if I got bored with
    my iPod playlists. Doubt it though.

    My issue is control over what I want to hear. When I start my car, the
    radio takes a couple of seconds to lock onto my iPod FM transmitter.
    During that time I occasionally get [fuzzily] a distant station in
    Connecticut. My hackles rise instantly at the sound of the DJ's voice
    or an advertisement that may be playing. Same thing when I sit down at
    home and my wife turns on the TV - I have to leave the room. Can't
    stand the canned culture and fake people. I can think of no time worse
    spent than watching television.

    Listening to Hancock's Half Hour or the Goon Show, what you hear is
    what you get - Spike Milligan sounds certifiable, and definitely was!
    Intellectual radio programming like My Word or My Music has simply
    ceased to exist; it has been replaced with hip-hop and other modern
    consumer-grade "[... insert word here - 'culture' doesn't fit ...]".

    I'd replace the car radio with one that has line-in so I'd never be
    offended with even a few seconds of radio programming, but it's costly
    in both our modern vehicles; you have to replace the entire console
    with one that has a standard DIN hole in it.

    My '65 truck arrived pre-fitted by the previous owner with an MP3 CD
    player radio that has line-in. Unfortunately due to exhaust leaks, it's
    too noisy to hear the radio while driving, so I only listen to it when
    I'm working on the truck ;)
    Video-on-demand has Macrovision here, I believe.
    How big is the library? VoD here gives you access to say six movies per
    VoD channel, and the last ten episodes (say) of certain series. In
    other words, I am still living with someone else's decision of what
    programming I should want to watch.

    It's like a prison menu. Besides, I prefer radio to TV - the pictures
    are better.

    As far as TV goes, I want to be able to take the remote and say "Give
    me the following ten Twilight Zone episodes that I am specifying, then
    series 1 episode 3 of Leave it to Beaver, then two hours of British
    newsreel footage from April 1942, then the entire series 1 of
    Bewitched, in air-date order", and so forth.

    Right now I can get the same effect - with a day's delay - by
    downloading what I want, particularly the older out-of-copyright stuff.
    Not me, I guess my tastes must be unusual.
    I'd consider paying $100 per month for the service I just described. Of
    course, no guarantees as to how long I would keep the service -
  14. Keith

    Keith Guest

    You say you like '50s and '60s music. There is a 'channel
    dedicated to each decade (Ch 4 thru 9). I listen a lot to the '60s
    channel. It's sorta neat, every couple of hours they have an hour
    countdown of the top 16 or 17 songs from that week for some year in
    the '60s. There are also some quite good specials, like the 3-
    hour "Booker T. and the MG's"; no commercials.

    If you haven't tried it...
    Control freak, eh? Your wife must be pleased.

    Dunno, I've never used it, but their DVR will record it. My DVDR
    will record from that.
    I looked the other day. There were perhaps 40 movies available on
    the free side. I didn't look at the PPV options.
    Yep, control freak.
    It might not have it when I want to watch it, but that's why they
    invented the DVR. You load up your iPOD, I load up DVDs.
    You're close. Mine is over $160/mo but that includes cable
    Internet. I wouldn't have more than the basic service but my wife
    watches a lot of TV. She gets the TV, I camp on the computer. ;-)
    She did ask how to bring the laptop downstairs to the family room,
    so I may be losing both. :-/
  15. Guest

    I said I like '50s and '60s radio plays - certain BBC comedy
    programming from that era, to be specific. I have several weeks'
    continuous listening on my iPod - they compress very nicely.

    I do have some 60s music, but very little. Most of my music is either
    computer music (C64 and Amiga in-game and demo tracks), or certain
    operas, military music and so forth. Also some bagpipes, although I
    guess that sort of falls under the heading of military music as well.
    I don't tell her what to do. I simply can't sit down and endure the
    attack of the tube; it's like being hassled by a thousand annoying
    children in a restaurant.
    Rubbish. I simply want what I like, as far as TV and radio programming
    goes, and I don't want to be pestered with things I don't want to see.
    This is precisely why there is a market for prerecorded CDs, phonograph
    records, DVDs and videocassettes; clearly lots of other people want to
    watch what they want when they want it.

    When you want a quality meal out, do you go to McDonalds? No? Well, for
    exactly the same reason I like to choose carefully where I get my
    entertainment, and the quality of the product I'm receiving. Mass-media
    sources are the McDonalds of entertainment; insipid pap with no
    discernible value except to their advertisers and shareholders. Merely
    being reminded of their existence is irritating to me.
    My wife _used_ to watch a lot of TV, but she's in teacher training now
    and has no time for anything at all. TV service is hence a total waste
    of money, since the dogs don't watch it.
  16. Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson Guest

    Actually, I had the same problem. But I have a really simple cure. I
    simply made a file folder called "Warranties". Golleee ;-)

    ...Jim Thompson
  17. Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson Guest

    Be like a Europeon, live in the dark, and just make up stories about
    how bad the US is ;-)

    ...Jim Thompson
  18. Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson Guest

    What? No "fair and balanced" Fox News ?:)


    ...Jim Thompson
  19. In message <>, dated Thu, 17
    But can you FIND it? Making a folder may mean you lose ALL of its
    contents rather than just one bit of paper.

    When you've made your folders, you must make a shelf or box to keep them
    safe. Here's one I made earlier, out of a wine box.

    First, drink the wine.

    Then try to remember where you put the folder while you were making the
    place to keep it safe....
  20. Keith

    Keith Guest

    We put them in the folder with the manuals for all of our household
    appliances. We appreciated the former owner's of our house keeping
    the folder, so continued the plan.
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