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Single Sided PCB's in Consumer-level VCR's

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Ian Farquhar, Dec 21, 2004.

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  1. Ian Farquhar

    Ian Farquhar Guest

    Recently, I had the need to fix a VCR at home (or rather, to
    remove a toddler-inserted food item from said VCR. :)

    The VCR in question was a fairly new model, having been produced
    in the past couple of years. It therefore struck me as quite
    surprising that the main PCB was single-sided, and featured a
    huge number of wire links. Thinking back, I couldn't remember
    seeing a single consumer VCR which had a double-sided PCB.

    Surely the cost of soldering the wire links - even if mechanically
    inserted - would far exceed the cost of a double sided PCB? Or is
    there some other reason that single-sided PCB's are preferable in
    this application?


    BEVERNON Guest

    Subject: Single Sided PCB's in Consumer-level VCR's
    Because it is less expensive to put the links in than to lay out a double sided
    board. The interconnections are very straightforward for a device like that.
    I sold a lot of software to people who wanted to do single/double sided boards
    because of the economics involved......
  3. On a production line, a through-hole PC board would be "wave-soldered"
    - once all components (including wire links) are placed in the board,
    the assembly is passed over a wave or fountain of solder, so
    everything is soldered in one pass. The only extra cost of the wire
    jumpers is the machine's labour in inserting the links, and that is
    presumably less than the extra cost of a two-layer board.

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