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Single-Layer PCB Design Software?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Zucker, Jan 21, 2004.

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  1. Zucker

    Zucker Guest

    Does anyone know of a good program that will allow me to create and
    autoroute simple single-layer PCB designs?

    I've tried products like PCB123, which seem to force me into using atleast
    two layers.

  2. Eagle free for small non-commercial projects:

    There are a set of design rules, downloadable somewhere on site, that force
    a single sided autoroute.

  3. Bill Jenkins

    Bill Jenkins Guest

    Look at this will allow single side autorouting.
    Bill Jenkins
  4. Tim Auton

    Tim Auton Guest

    If you're routing manually just don't select the layer you don't want
    :) If autorouting, set the cost of the layer you don't want very high.
    Even on a single sided board you'll probably need two layers - even if
    the component-side layer is just 3 wires. If that makes sense...

  5. You don't need anything extra, just tell Eagle not to use
    one of the sides what autorouting...
  6. Thanks, remebered afterwards that Eagle would allow you to just switch off
    all but one layer.

    BTW for the original poster , inkjet printers will make a useable to mask if
    printed on to ink jet compatible overhead tranparencies.

  7. AtPCLogic

    AtPCLogic Guest

  8. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

    remebered...that Eagle would allow you to
    That's not how it's done.
    That's just for viewing (or printing to PnP).

    You were correct the 1st time when you talked about design rules.
    As Auton said it's about the "cost" of a layer
    which YOU specify in the design rules.
    The Autorouter uses this value to give results like what you desire.
    If you set the cost of the top layer extremely high,
    there will be few runs routed there
    and you can go back in and edit the board
    to put jumper wires where it wants to put traces.

    IMO EAGLE's autorouter is pretty bad.
    I advise routing by hand those runs which look hard to connect
    --especially power buses--
    and designing in jumper wires (top side) as necessary.
    After that, turn the autorouter loose on it.
  9. I think it is.

    When autorouting, you can tell Eagle what primary direction
    you want each side to have ( "-" or "|"). You can
    also select "none" for one side, which tells Eagle to not put
    *any* traces on that side.
    Yes and no, that's other settings in another part of Eagle...

    Note !
    I'm using the freeware version of Eagle, but I don't think
    this would be different in the "real thing"...

    Note 2 !
    I don't have Eagle "flying" right now, so this is from my
    memory, but I'm *pretty* sure it's how it worked last time.

    And I'm 100% sure that I have autorouted single sided boards
    without installing anything else then the base system.

  10. Another great thing about Eagle is the amazing support, even for the free
    users, thanks to Orlando over on for
    this answer in less than 10 mins from asking it :
    layer as N/A and route. If the design is simple you've got yourself a
    routed single-sided board.


    orlando <<<

  11. MrWizard

    MrWizard Guest

    Hello, PCB123 will allow you to autoroute on one layer no problem.
    Double-click on the autoroute button and then select only one layer
    then run the router... A question though is why do you only want to
    use one layer? If you have more questions please don't hesitate to
    contact us at 1-800-228-8198 or [email protected]

    AkA MrWizard
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