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Sine wave signal generator

Discussion in 'Beginner Electronics' started by Napalm Llama, Jul 7, 2006.

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  1. Napalm Llama

    Napalm Llama Guest

    Hi. I've been tinkering with the odd electronics project for a few
    years now, but I'm stumped on this one. I've constructed this circuit:
    (Originally from here: , but the
    server seems to be down.)

    ....except I'm using an NE5534AP op-amp instead of the 6-transitor
    circuit (as the accompanying text said I could).

    But it isn't working. All I get is a low tone that sounds suspiciously
    like 50Hz. I've checked the power supply circuit with my multimeter
    and the output seems to be perfect, but I can't check how much ripple
    there is because I don't have an oscilloscope.

    The dual-ganged potentiometer seems to alter the volume instead of the
    tone, and the rotary switch doesn't really do much at all. The op-amp
    itself just gets worryingly hot.

    I've just discovered that if I only connect 0v to the IC and put my
    thumb across the "lower" pot in the circuit, moving it does alter the
    tone a little.

    I don't know if this is enough to go on, but please help in any way you
    can - I've spent a fair bit of money on this project and I don't know
    why it isn't working...
  2. Dan H

    Dan H Guest

    You need to show the actual circuit you are using not the circuit you
    have based it on

  3. Tom Lloyd

    Tom Lloyd Guest

    Hmm, perhaps a better question to ask would be, "How should I actually
    substitute an NE3455AP ( into
    the circuit I posted?
    It's all obvious, except for the inputs - there appears to be only one
    in the schematic (at the base of the leftmost transistor). I tried
    wiring that up to my op-amp on pin 2 (inverting input) - and then 0v on
    pin3 (non-inverting) - but like I said, it didn't do anything except
    get hot.
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