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Simulation Program

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by John Boy, Oct 16, 2003.

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  1. John Boy

    John Boy Guest

    One guy posted a message earlier complaining about a simulation
    program he was using called VisualSpice that went into demo mode
    suddenly, then he could'nt use it anymore.

    Well I have that same program and the SAME BUG happenned to me too,
    but it was not that big a deal, the company gave me a FREE fix for it,
    and its been working fine for me since and I use it for my job every
    single day with no problems.

    I just used it to help design TWO working Satallite GPS receivers plus
    lots of other stuff and no problems here. All SPICE simulation
    programs can be a little tricky, you have to know what you are doing,
    but they all work the SAME because SPICE is a standard from Berkeley

    Programs out there with zero bugs raise your hands....

    The $99 price for VisualSpice I think it's a good deal, and personally
    I think it's WAY easier to use than the $12,000 PSPICE. Using PSPICE
    is even more complex because you have to run at least three programs
    to do anything! What tha hell!!!

    Besides PSPICE does'nt even have any built in test instruments. The
    VisualSpice I have got a built in real-time 64 channel scope, logic
    analyzer, live spectrum analyzer where you just click on a wire to see
    the waveform during the simulation, or change the componet values
    during the simulation was nice.

    My main complaint is that VisualSpice claims it comes with 7000 device
    models, but some models I wanted was'nt there. But, I just went to the
    device model manufacturer web site, downloaded the model I wanted for
    FREE, then imported it into the program, no problem. I heard they have
    a newer version that comes with 25,000 device models for the same
    price or a little more. Not too bad.

    This is the link to it

    Yo! Just my honest opinion.

    -Engineer off the boat
  2. Fred Bloggs

    Fred Bloggs Guest

    I wouldn't mind your spam so much if your c.r.a.p. program was not so
    bad. You're so damned DUMB you can't even write a consistent three
    paragraph tutorial- how stupid are you that you can't even keep track of
    a three-component gate LED driver. The DEMO doesn't SIMULATE- because
    you're so damned dumb you intercept the requisite SAVE operation and
    terminate. Looking at some component PARAMETERS, I see you're so damned
    dumb, you defaulted every timing parameter of the TTL 7400 family to
    1ns. Your program is a worthless and malfunctional piece of trash, and
    you're a damned dumbass who ought to get off his high horse and start
    picking up litter in the local park so you can say you did at least one
    useful thing in your lifetime.
  3. Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson Guest

    Jeez, Fred, Why don't you stop being so reticent and just say what you
    mean ?:)

    ...Jim Thompson
  4. Chaos Master

    Chaos Master Guest

    John Boy engraved with a +2 athame:

    [snip comments about VisualSpice]

    To be honest, this message looks like an AD (read: SPAM) for selling

    Just my 2 cents.
  5. Chaos Master

    Chaos Master Guest

    Fred Bloggs engraved with a +2 athame:
    My comments about the program (at least the demo version):
    None. I couldn't run it, 'cause it REQUIRES A PRINTER to be installed - and I
    don't have one. But I faked one by creating a 'generic' printer that dumped to a
    file. Let's open... argh. The interface is c.r.a.p.
  6. John Boy

    John Boy Guest

    Spam is what I would call Kevin Aylward for posting his SPICE program
    and link with every message thousands of times, I dont see anybody
    else doing that!!!! But I guess he needs the money.

    This is an example of the the definition of SPAM. Why dont you call
    his posting SPAM? Besides, Why are you calling me DUMB? Did I write
    the program? A DEMO program is not fully functional as far as I know,
    unless it says free FUNCTIONAL DEMO. Oh you probably missed school
    when they were teaching about what FREE FUNCTIONAL means.

    I told you I use it every day for my job, how much you want for $99? I
    dont have $12,000 to buy PSPICE just so that I dont have to set a
    default printer ONCE when I first run it. Besides even PSPICE got bugs
    in there too.

    Hey why dont you stop whining, go pimp out your mother to raise
    $12,000 then use it to buy PSPICE. Then maybe you will shut up and
    crawl back under your double wide.

    I have a right to post my opinion just like anybody else. Why is your
    opinion any better then mine? Seems like you are trying to get
    attention by making fun of other peoples stuff, were you a bully when
    you were in school?

    Oh here's a thought, If you are so smart, why dont you WRITE YOUR OWN
    SPICE PROGRAM then post it so that we can all download it to see how
    it's "supposed" to be done, I dare you!!! Give us a date when we can
    download your "Gods Gift to Simulation"

    Then we can all make fun of it here in open forum. How about that Mr.
    Smarty Pants. Of course you are gonna chicken out with some smart
    comment like "well I dont have time to do it" sure cause you CANT do
    it, your'e the dumb wanker!!
  7. Fred Bloggs

    Fred Bloggs Guest

    Your program is not worth any amount of money- I wouldn't use it if you
    paid me. I may consider beta-testing for $100 per page of documented
    flaws- single line spacing- that ought to be good for an easy $10,000.
  8. Not at all. Its certainly advertising, but not Spam. Not all
    advertisements are Spam.
    Not at all. Many here post links to their own services.
    Because I don't make posts, saying hey, try my SS as the theme. I
    *respond* to other peoples post. By far the majority of times, SS don't
    get a mention, other than in the signature. However, thanks for giving
    me the opportunity to highlight SS as a direct response to your specific
    The SuperSpice demo is completely *fully* functional, and I don't use
    that term. The only limit is the number of components that can be used.
    Indeed, the limit is rather large, 30 on a top level, and 25 on a lower
    level of hierarchy. This means that you can get around 750 real
    schematic components with the demo.
    Good for you. If your happy with it, use it. For me personally, VS is
    completely unusable. I don't know your background, but my own opinion is
    based on my personall experiance, over 20 years of professional analogue
    design at both i.c. and board level. Do you want a real list of its
    faults?. It was partly because of programs like this that I wrote SS.
    Why don't you try another real, affordable, simulator that is really
    What's you background then. Do you have extensive experience as an
    analogue designer?
    It was an unsolicited opinion that gave the impression that it was a
    company sponsored direct advertisement. The whole stucture of your post
    come over as Spam.
    Writing a decent program is not difficult in itself. Its simply the time
    it takes to write, and having knowledge of what is actually required.

    Kevin Aylward
    SuperSpice, a very affordable Mixed-Mode
    Windows Simulator with Schematic Capture,
    Waveform Display, FFT's and Filter Design.
  9. John Boy

    John Boy Guest

    Why do you keep calling it MY program? Are you that stupid? Since when
    is posting an opinion about something automatically grants ownership?
    I wish that were so. Besides I wouldnt pay you to wipe my nose.

    Maybe you never said anything good about anything in your life, it
    must be a foreign concept to you. You must be related to my wife, talk
    bad about everybody else, but never do anything themselves so that
    nobody can say bad about them.

    Why dont you put your money where your mouth is and post a program YOU
    WROTE so we can all see your expertise! I need a good laugh. Come on,
    post your program so we can see the art of computer science.

    I expect that your next posting in here will include a link to the
    state of the art program that you wrote.

    -Engineer of the boat
  10. Chaos Master

    Chaos Master Guest

    John Boy engraved with a +2 athame:
    It's a signature. If you want, you can just scroll up and not read his
    signature. And he never posted anything like 'Hey! Use my program! It's the
    That's called 'Student Version' or 'Evaluation Version'.
    Look at SIMetrix Intro, for instance. You can use it to do circuits with 2 or 3
    op-amps. Enough to be useful for students or hobbysts.
    Please send me an example of a real project you've done using VisualSpice.

    . Remove the 'SCRAMBLED'. PS: there's no problem
    in receiving spam at this address. It's just a fodder for Usenet groups and to
    access Yahoo! Groups.

    LTSpice is FREE, and fast. All programs have bugs.
    LTSpice is FREE and fast. SIMetrix (my favorite simulator) starts at $500 IIRC
    (for the version without IC design features). SuperSpice starts at $30 or so
    IIRC for the Student edition.
  11. John Boy

    John Boy Guest

    My post was not an ad, but you are right, it does look like one a
    little now that I read it. But who cares, I use it every day for my
    job, along with a bunch of other programs, so why not post about it
    since I use it all the time.

    Since when is posting an opinion automatically grant ownership? If
    that were true maybe I should start posting about PSPICE or Microsoft
    Windows, then I will be granted automatic ownership and people will
    start bashing me about those also. Why dont you people grow up and get
    a life!!!

    I think you guys in here must be working for Kevin Aylward and his
    SuperSpice program or getting commission off it, because he SPAMS
    about it ALL THE TIME from what I'm seeing, but nobody ever says
    anything about it....

    I've used lots of programs, all have good and bad points. How about
    this, why dont you guys write your own program then post it in here so
    we can see how programs are supposed to be written instead of making
    fun of others. Or maybe it's just that you are too stupid to do it?

    Come on, go ahead, post a link to your program, lets see it!!!

    -Engineer of the boat
  12. Chaos Master

    Chaos Master Guest

    John Boy engraved with a +2 athame:

    It *was* an AD, a.k.a SPAM. Please SEND ME an example of REAL WORK done with it.
    e-mail to .
    F*ck off. *You* should get a life instead of trolling.
    If I wrote one, I wouldn't. My program would not be designed for TROLLS!

    Chaos Master. (I don't work for Cadence, Linear Tech, Newbury Tech, Intusoft or
    any SPICE simulator manufacturer).
  13. Joel Kolstad

    Joel Kolstad Guest

    I'll add my voice to stating that SIMetrix is a very worthwhile tool. I
    liked the free version so much I eventually purchased a more full-featured
    version. Unfortunately, now that SIMetrix is a part of Catena, the prices
    have gone up significantly. For a 'real company,' the increase isn't enough
    that it would kill anyone's budget (and it's arguably still a good deal),
    but it does tend to at least give it the appearance of moving out of reach
    of the 'enthusiastic' hobbyist. I've found Newbury Tech. (the makers) to be
    quite reasonable about considering the end use in their pricing, though
    (i.e., academic, hobbyist, Intel, etc.), even after the move.

    I had actually tried out SuperSPICE beforehand and -- while it did convince
    me that Kevin's a pretty darned savvy guy and cares a lot about the
    program -- found it still a little 'rough' around the edges. The pricing is
    quite attractive as well.

    I haven't used LTSpice, but wouldn't be surprised if -- given a few more
    years of development -- it rapidly starts kicking (the free version of)
    PSPICE off of many college campuses. PSPICE works just fine, and OrCAD can
    point to many real world successful designs with it, but I think it's
    difficult to argue that it's really the best bang for the buck anymore.

    Finally, as for the guy who stated that 'all SPICEs are the same at their
    core anyway' -- that's probably quite true of the many SPICE packages that
    just wrap a GUI around the Berkeley core, but what you're paying for with
    the likes of SIMetrix and SuperSPICE are guys who understand how the
    Berkeley core works _and have made extensive modifications to it_ to support
    better performance, convergence, etc. Not to mention bug-proofing --
    there's a lot of academic code out there that's choke full of bugs due to
    the people writing it knowing that (1) they'd probably never get any credit
    for making it rock solid anyway and (2) that thesis deadline was coming up
    awfully fast...

    ---Joel Kolstad
  14. Ok. I'm always open to suggestions. What were the complaints? Maybe
    valid and fixable. How long ago was this. I update continually. There
    have been numerous useful improvements over the last year.

    Kevin Aylward
    SuperSpice, a very affordable Mixed-Mode
    Windows Simulator with Schematic Capture,
    Waveform Display, FFT's and Filter Design.
  15. John Boy

    John Boy Guest

    What on earth could make me send YOU my companies schematics? Do I
    want to get fired? Why dont you post your companies intellectual
    property here for us to see.

    Just what I thought, all mouth and no brain. If you cant even write a
    program what qualification do you have to make fun of it. Either post
    a program you wrote, or sit down and shut up.

    If your next posting does not nave a link to your program, then that
    only proves that you are registered a dumbass.
  16. John Boy

    John Boy Guest

    Oh a signature, is that what it is. I thought it was just a slick way
    of freely advertizing his program (SPAM). And I already told you that
    is not my program. Are you brain dead?

    Even if I was SPAMMING what are you gonna do about it?

    If you think I'm gonna send you my companies schematics you better
    think again.

    Sounds like SPAM to me, did you write SIMetrix and is SPAMMING it now?
    well, probably not you are too stupid to write even a "Hello World"
  17. John Boy

    John Boy Guest

    I WAS responding to another post about VS, but their post was over a
    month old so I had to start a new thread.

    Personally I dont want to argue about stupid spice programs, you
    people use anything you want, what do I care. All I did was post an
    opinion, yes I admit it did sound like SPAM, so what, maybe they'll
    give me a commission for it ;) I need the money for a new computer

    Is that SPAM? Using every excuse to push your product while bashing
    competing products. But I cant blame you, it's just marketing right?
    he he he.

    I design circuits for a living also, but I dont have 20 years
    experience, why do I need it, I'm not designing with vacuum tubes.
    Typical engineer thinks he knows more than everybody else, and only
    his opinion is the right one.

    Of course YOUR program is the ONLY usable program in the world. But I
    tried yours and I couldnt get it to do anything because it was too
    slow even if it was the only thing running.

    Honest bible truth, I clicked on a menu item in SuperSpice and it took
    like a minute before the menu poped up. The hard drive started going
    like mad each time I tried to pick something from the menu. Are you
    creating the menu in real-time on the fly each time you try to click
    on it? why?

    I had to start plannng ahead of time what menu item I'm gonna click
    next because if I made a mistake I would have to go eat a sandwich
    while waiting for the correct menu to come up. It reminded me of the
    time I tried using the Protel demo, unbelivable, you need a 3Gz
    machine for that thing.

    But SuperSpice could be a nice program, but I could not give it a
    good try because of the speed problem. If you get that fixed maybe I
    could try it again. It looks identical to VS, so maybe it's good. I
    think you programmers are copying each other.

    I tried Electronic Workbench, forget that one, you need a 3Gz dual
    processor machine to boot that one up. PSPICE was ok but I gotta run
    three programs to get a simulation. CircuitMaker was ok, but the
    interface was clunky old pre Windows 3.1 style and cost $1000. Beige
    Bag B2 Spice was ok but clunky interface also.

    They are all basically the same under the hood, because they all use
    the exact same SPICE engine from berkeley and then add some fluff to
    "pretty it up". Then charge you a lot of money depending on how pretty
    it is.

    My opinion take it or leave it!

    -Engineer off the boat
    Oh another SPAM!!!
  18. John Boy

    John Boy Guest

    I'm still waiting for a link to your wonderful program, what are you
    waiting for, go ahead, post it! Show the world the right way to do

    If your next posting does not have a link to your program, then we
    will all know you are a certified troll.
  19. Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson Guest

    "John Boy" --> ctrl-K, permanent ;-)

    ...Jim Thompson
  20. I read in that John Boy
    SuperSpice doesn't normally suffer from such extreme speed problems. It
    sounds as if something else on your machine is taking exception to it.
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