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Simulation of PIC ?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by sunny, Sep 7, 2003.

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  1. sunny

    sunny Guest

    I need to simulate a pic program. My ports are connected
    to a seven segment display led which can display numbers
    from 0 to 9. I am currently having to physically program
    the chip to see what is happening, but is there a way I can
    make the simulator show the led ?
  2. sunny

    sunny Guest

    The led can display the real numbers, i.e. I can write a simple
    program that will count from 1 to 9 and I will see it on the
    7 segment led display. I have no chip between the pic and
    the display so I simply turn on the relevant ports which are
    connected to segments a to g of the led. The problem is to
    simulate this, since it is rather difficult to see what number
    is illuminated just from inspecting the outputs, do you know
    what I mean?

  3. Yes, but don't worry,
    after a while you'll learn to "read" the "segment output" :)

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