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Simulation of a transformer

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Giacomo, Jan 9, 2004.

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  1. Giacomo

    Giacomo Guest

    Forgive me for my english.
    For simulating a transformer i use the coupling of two
    inductors with a magnetic core, through the model CORE
    predefined in PSPICE. The parameter that PSPICE have are:
    A, AREA, C, GAP, K, Ms, PACK, PATH.

    Can someone tell me what these parameters indicates precisely
    ( except Area, Gap and Path that i know )or better how i can
    bind these parameter to that usually used in the books such as
    Bsat, Hsat u, ...
    At last can someone give me a typical series of these values
    for a transformer that work at 220V-12V and Imax=1A.

  2. No.
    There are different transformer geometries, such a E core and
    Toroid. Then it further depends on the material and
    the operating parameters.

    With some luck you may get the most useable parameter from the
    manufacturer, the epsilon, indicating the required
    voltage to achieve the nominal current through a short.
    How the epsilon behaves over an current band is not
    necessarily available. All other data appears also
    not to be available. BTW, the epsilon also changes
    with the size of the transformer.
    Bigger transformers tend to have lower epsilons.
    It can be 15% for a few Watt and goes to below 1% for
    big ones.

    You have to do some measurements and some calculations.
    Never forget, a transformer is not linear.

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