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Simulation of a gas filled lamp as a load?

Discussion in 'CAD' started by John Strupat, Jan 12, 2004.

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  1. John Strupat

    John Strupat Guest


    Anyone have any ideas on how to model a gas filled lamp as a load for an 500
    KHz power source.

    How about coupling to a ferrite core or a open wire coil to the lamp?

    Any ideas would be appreciated.


  2. Here is a CCFL model from my SuperSpice lib. There is an example in the

    ..SUBCKT CCFL_XN _ssi_pin0_1 _ssi_pin1_10
    V_ssi_pin1 _ssi_pin1_10 10 0
    V_ssi_pin0 _ssi_pin0_1 1 0
    * (c) Kevin Aylward 2002 - All rights reserved,
    *Generic Cold Cathode Floresent Lamp model
    * This model may be freely copied and used, provided this copyright
    notice is included
    *The model is based on, where G is the instaneous conductance,
    *I=G(V,I)*V and dG/dt = aI^2 +b(I/V)^2 + f(I/V)
    * the most general model is dG/dt = aI^2 + kIV + cV^2 + d(I/V)^3
    +b(I/V)^2 + f(I/V)
    *Note: UIC "use initial conditions" in transient setup must be used
    *The tanh, divide and multiple by 1000 is to from a convergence limIter
    to 1000 amps
    B2 1 3 i=1000*tanh(v(1,2)*v(4)/1000)
    v1 3 2 dc 0
    c1 4 0 1 ic=.001
    *integrator time constant resistor, ideal is very large, however make it
    as small as the specific circuit allows
    r1 4 0 0.1
    *change the numerical constants to change the on characteristics
    *core ccfl equation
    b1 4 0 i=-(2.5*I(v1)^2 - 5.0e4*(I(v1)/v(1,2))^2 + 275.0*I(v1)/v(1,2))
    cstray 1 10 100p
    rleak 1 10 10Meg
    *strike control, r diode and c controls turn on time, rrect and c
    controls turn off time
    *full wave rectifier, will keep switch on unless frequency falls too low
    b3 s_1 0 v=abs(v(1,10))
    s1 10 2 s_2 0 ccfl_switch
    Cconverge 10 2 10p
    d1 s_1 s_2 diode
    rrect s_2 0 500k
    cton s_2 0 0.5e-6
    ..model diode d(rs=1k)
    *sets the strike voltage and holding voltage. Vstrike=vt+vh Vhold=vt-vh
    ..model ccfl_switch sw(ron=1 roff=100e6 vh=100 vt=300)
    *these clamps are not used in ordinary operation
    d3 1 12 ccfc_clamp_diode
    d4 1 12 ccfc_clamp_diode
    ..model ccfc_clamp_diode d(rs=1 bv=750)

    Kevin Aylward
    SuperSpice, a very affordable Mixed-Mode
    Windows Simulator with Schematic Capture,
    Waveform Display, FFT's and Filter Design.

    "That which is mostly observed, is that which replicates the most"

    "quotes with no meaning, are meaningless" - Kevin Aylward.
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