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Simple SM Resistor Question, and Fuse Question

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Jeff Walther, Jan 10, 2004.

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  1. Jeff Walther

    Jeff Walther Guest

    I am trying to identify some surface mount resistors, without desoldering
    them and measuring them. The markings on them are 75R0. I am guessing
    this is 75 ohms. Is this correct? I am used to the ones with three
    digits where the third digit is the tens exponent. I've never seen one
    with an R inserted into the number before.

    Second, any idea what a P 075 on a SM fuse means? The P is the top line
    and it might be a rho. the 075 is on the second line. Or an LF 075 with
    the F sitting inside the L and the numbers and letters all on one line.
    The fuse is about a size C or D if this were a SM capacitor.

    I guess while I'm here. I'm also looking at some tiny SM ceramic
    capacitors. Looks like a size 0603 but there are no markings on them of
    course. Do I just have to pull those off and measure them to get a
    value? These are near the VGA connector of a video card. I don't have a
    capacitance meter, although I do have a digital multimeter that measures
    V, I and R. Is there any way to measure those without springing for a
    capacitance meter? I seem to remember something about using the RC time
    delay. Or recommendations on an affordable capacitance meter?

    Thank you for any helpful or humorous comments.
  2. Some have an almost invisible two character marking that can be read
    under high magnification. On the other hand, if the manufacturer was a
    cheapskate, they but the cheaper, unmarked version.
    There are quite a few capacitor meters, from simple add on kits
    (Ramsey, Rainbow, etc.), to kits like the AADE unit (also available pre

    We now return you to our normally scheduled programming.

    Take a look at this little cutie! ;-)

    Michael A. Terrell
    Central Florida
  3. I'd guess 75 mA

    LF would be Littlefuse - a well-known maker of fuses. Have a look
    around their website at
  4. Jeff Walther

    Jeff Walther Guest

    Thank you, Michael and Peter.

    I hope that folks will be as kind for one more question. I am looking at
    another component that looks like a SM transistor in an SOT-23 package,
    however the silk screening on the board says "REGn" where 'n' is an
    integer. There are six pads, three to a side, but the components in place
    appear to only have three pins as for an SOT-23 package. In other words
    three pads are unused, three pads are used. The components is marked
    K043. Any idea what this is?

    Thank you.
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