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simple LED sequence

Discussion in 'Beginner Electronics' started by Ash, Feb 25, 2006.

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  1. Ash

    Ash Guest


    I am attempting to create a basic LED sequence

    On Pulse
    LED 1 - ON
    Pause 5 mins
    LED 2 - ON
    Pause 5 mins
    LED 3 - ON
    Pause 5 mins
    LED 4 - ON
    Pause 5 mins
    LED 5 - ON

    I was considering using a PIC but with no knowledge of PIC programming,
    and after having read a beginners guide to it I feel that it may be too

    Is there an easier way to produce this sequence without using multiple
    logic gates? or a simple method of progamming a PIC to perform this


  2. Coyoteboy

    Coyoteboy Guest

    I have ultimate admiration for anyone who can come up with something like
    that on the spare of the moment. Personally I'd take the 'easy' route and go
    with a picaxe micropro - so easy to use its untrue. I was
    introduced to them by someone on here too.

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